Monday, December 22, 2014
Cracking the INVESTIGATION in just 2 days

Cracking the INVESTIGATION in just 2 days
Executing spectacular show in tight deadlines and delivering quality output are two attributes that Team 7ty7 are Masters at! With just 2 days to execute the mammoth Press Launch of Star Network’s new investigation show ‘Private Investigator’, Team 7ty7 manifested the perfect example of working in harmony by venturing into what seemed like a ‘next to impossible’ task. Despite of the mounting pressure adding up every hour to arrange the complete logistics, fabrication, arranging supporting artists, the event was executed flawlessly in the city of Lucknow. This press launch saw the presence of Star Networks officials along with the lead character of the show, Raffe Roy Chaudhary. The team were on their toes and did a superb job garnering accolades from the client and one and all present at the launch.

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