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Content Creation

We create content that would directly speak to your targeted audience and give your brand the conversations that it needs. From conceptualization, creation and conversion, digital team at 7ty7 will launch your brand with innovative marketing. Keeping analytics tracking and campaign measurement in mind, our in-house writers, and designers comes together to present you the content which would give you greater search presence, stronger brand awareness and proven ROI.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

7ty7 focuses on associating strategies that uplifts the social media presence of your brand. We make sure that your brand is present across all the right Social Media platforms. Start-ups have been the center of our area of attention always to establish the brand name from the scratch. We employ various digital marketing techniques for instance Electronic Word of Mouth, Consumer’s digital brand related activities on various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, etc.

Media Creative (Visual, video, GIFs)

Visual content that communicates or compliments the valuable information you want to share with your audience is a pillar of any successful marketing strategy. Visual content that interconnects or compliments the valued information you want to share with your audience is a mainstay of any successful marketing strategy. Attract a larger audience, nurture high-intent prospects & enhance customer engagement with design that matters.

Corporate AVs

Showcase everything your brand stands for through an evocative journey of audio-visual captures in-sync with the overarching message. From giving your corporate AV, appropriate motion graphics, to giving it a voiceover, shooting the film itself or just playing with still visuals and editing them, we give your audio-visual new dimensions!

Website Development

Till date, we have developed and managed variety from static communication websites to those requiring complex database driven web applications and content management systems. We mainly target on intuitive navigation and usability for being highly engaging and user friendly. 7ty7 uses coding that follow up-to- date generation web practices, which are SEO friendly, and are designed to deliver dynamic user experience.

Direct Mailers

Both noticeable and affordable, direct mail ideas are much more likely to get you noticed, remembered and talked about. Right from idea generation to design and art, we create mailers that will make a statement and be most talked about.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will help you grow from hundreds to thousands organically. With Search Engine Optimization you can add life to your business strategy. By using acceptable process, we can use a mixture of on-page, off-page and social media strategies to ensure that your website would show up on the first page of results from various search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing. Our only motto is your best interests become our best interests. Digital Team at 7ty7 is up-to- date with the latest changes done by search engines in algorithms would be beneficial for our clients and us to know what your competitors are up to and hold your place on the first page.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Effective SEM will help you to raise your revenue. Search Engine Marketing helps you get into the getting potential leads to your websites and helps you to achieve your business goals. Digital team at 7ty7 offers SEM strategies based on planned emphasizing on, placement of attractive and design banners on relevant sites and constant optimization through continuous monitoring and sorting. Elements like developing, testing, and analyzing, are what separates us from others. In conclusion, our only aim is to focus on the business result and the success of your plan.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Just as the name suggests, keeping a track of your online business reputation is the process of managing the insights established about a corporate entity, an individual on the Internet. All this is based on the networking sites and social media. It is very essential to revise and alter few changes whenever required. Team 7ty7 analyzes all the content in your website which includes text, banner, social media content and videos. This is one way to attract new clients or audience to your business.

Mobile App Development

We understand that mobile app development has become an important feature of any business and enterprise. Mobile application assists in boosting productivity of an organization allowing uninterrupted access to business critical data. Mobile apps are also a very durable tool for engaging customers as it creates great way of building a permanent space in the mind and heart of customers. The mobile development team at 7ty7 has a team of well experienced developers and designers who help us in delivering top quality and customised solutions to our clients. We can assist our clients with customised Mobile Apps, Mobile Commerce, Cross-platform mobile Apps, Location based Mobile Apps, etc.

Digital Communication

7ty7 takes the benefit of the prospective and dynamism of AI to provide you a safeguarded, up to date, completely automated Bulk Marketing through WhatsApp, SMS and even Email. We provide you the perfect solution that improves itself and keeps you updated about the message on actual time basis through Whatsapp, SMS or Email marketing. This gives you total control over your messages and format of the message that you would.

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