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'Restile Stall' for A.C.E TECH- Bangalore

Seventy Seven Entertainment Pvt Ltd recently designed 'Restile Stall' for Ace TECH BANGALORE 2017. The 150.sqmt stall was designed in a mezzanine structure which was executed very brilliantly by the team. This best part of the stall was a small vertical garden which was created which later on become the point of attraction for all the visitors. " We finished our last day of the show at Acetech Blr. It was a good show for us. I'd like to extend my appreciation to team 7ty7 for executing the stall from start to finish without any hassles. We were at the stall for most of the build-up period and I noticed that everything was going smooth, which helped us keep my no-work day record on! The design was well appreciated by all the visitors, and I'm sure the Mumbai and Delhi designs are going to wow them as well. Please thank design team for making us look a class apart! Of course, you coordinated everything from A-Z and more, handled the last minute back wall issue as well" - Mr. Viren