Seventy Seven's three founder-directors bring to the table a rich resource of variety and experience, vital ingredients for assembling a company that transform ideas into the BIG PICTURE.

  • Aditya Mehra

    Aditya Mehra is one of the Founder-Directors at Seventy Seven Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. After a stint in working with some of the best advertising agencies in India, he decided to get into the ever challenging field of event management. The overarching belt of management and the overseeing of key accounts are his main domain of responsibility. His passion for technology also enables him to play a key role in production and technical know-how from taking events on paper to events in action.
  • Daryl Sheldon

    Daryl Sheldon is no stranger to success. He was nominated by Hindustan Times for 'The Young Entrepreneur Award' and was also featured in the same news daily as a, 'Young Achiever.' His enthusiasm for conquering new areas of expertise and his in-depth experience in client servicing in sectors that vary from FMCG to finance, I.T and media, ensures great credibility as one of the Directors of Seventy Seven Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. He is a regular faculty at EMDI and his visionary dream for the company includes a global foothold in the near future.

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  • Manoj Gopalani

    Manoj Gopalani's vast creative portfolio spans 9 years. His plethora of experience unravels vast industry segments like television channels, magazines, financial institutions, lifestyle brands, public sector, BPOs and KPOs. It was in the year 2001 that he moved on from being a software engineer to, discovering his undeniable passion and zeal for events. Today, as one of the Directors of the company, he aspires to set new benchmarks and achieve unprecedented heights in the event industry both locally and in the international arena.
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