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Seventy Seven drives home the Superb!

Seventy Seven Entertainment conducted the Skoda drive from 13th to 16th January, 2014 in the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges. The panoramic Drive stretched 126 Kms one way and was covered in approximately 3 hours amidst the breath-taking landscape of the Western Ghats. Reviewing the new Skoda Superb sedan were journalists from various well known automobile publications and media houses. Team 7ty7 made sure that there were absolutely no glitches in the entire travel route. The journalists were split in two groups and were taken for the journey over the 4 days. Everything from the maintenance of the cars to the coordination between the drivers was taken care by Team 7ty7. The entire convoy consisted of an ambulance to follow the Superbs in case of any medical emergency during the journey, along with other support cars. The group was piloted by the Lead Car at the front of the order and a Sweep Car at the rear. 7ty7 provided the auto experts with drivers to chauffeur them during the review. The high octane drive ended with Team 7ty7 organizing a scrumptious dinner for the auto experts under the moonlit sky with the mountains providing a picturesque backdrop. All in all the Skoda Superb Drive was indeed a successful expedition taken up by Seventy Seven Entertainment.

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