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Seventy Seven yells out a - BOOOOO!!

On 2nd December, 2013, at Vrindavan Studio, Team 7ty7 conceptualized and executed the much awaited Press Launch for the latest season of the 1st dance reality show on Indian Television, a show that has encouraged people from all walks of life to dream big and showcase the best in them, Boogie Woogie Kid's Championship. The 7th season of the renowned dance reality show is all set to air on Sony Entertainment Television and the Press Launch has accentuated the panorama of exquisite events shared between Sony Entertainment Television & Seventy Seven. The concept of the show is to provide kids from different cities and backgrounds, a platform to showcase their energetic dancing skills and groovy boogie moves along with celebrity judges Javed Jaffery, Ravi Behl and Naved Jaffery as they make a comeback on television together, stronger and better. To keep up with the high octane energy of the show and the kids, Seventy Seven ensured that the proceedings of the Press Launch matched with the vibrant energy, flawlessly. Team 7ty7 living up to its stature fabricated a unique and sensational stage replete with a large 40ft X 10ft Watch-Out with dazzling graphics, set to highlight the revealing of the 16 contestant kids to the media. An energetic script, an equally lively host, seamlessly articulated the on goings of the Press Launch. The Press Launch was attended by over 250 media personnel who immersed themselves in the fast paced dance performances of these little rising stars. Seventy Seven enveloped the media in the dancing flavor by providing them with an opportunity to record their dance moves and showcase them at the marvelous Press Launch. Team 7ty7, once more showcased their dominance and expertise towards executing a successful and dazzling Press Launch for a dance reality show that transformed the definition of dance across India.

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