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Web Design Trends That Event Managers Should Know

February 19, 2018

In recent time, it is a challenge to keep up with the design of your current website. Now, the reason behind this can be either if you are low on budget or just shortage of time. However, a good online presence is crucial for the success of your business.

Mainly, if you are in a competing environment such as events where the event attendees always judge your business by what they see on the first page of your website. We at Seventy Seven have noted down some interesting concepts that can be used to update or create your new event website to make it different.

1. Long-scrolling layouts:
Like you know these days we have everything at our fingertips, even our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is recommended to have a larger homepage with links to the various other pages. Or even better, a website that has a single long page. In a way, we want to say the longer the website, the well it works to make people visit your website. You need to keep your audience engaged and make them focus on carrying their message in the most efficient and instant manner. This type of layout is said to be perfect to navigate and very easy to access on fingertips.

2. Draw attention with gifs and animations:
Gifs and animations are the great way to stand out from various monotonous websites. But one needs to know that usage of gifs and animations shouldn't be overused. If overused, they can disturb the user experience and gradually turn visitors away from your website. It's necessary to consider if you need to add these things to your website's story or personality before using them. You can use gifs for sales pop-ups, event countdown, best-selling products, etc. whereas; animations can be used for the purpose of storytelling.

3. Video Backgrounds:
If you plan to revamp your old website, then we suggest adding a video background. This can make your website look more lively and engaging. There are many designers who are ready to play with the background video and motion graphics which can be perfectly used to showcase your past projects and the services you provide. This sets a certain tone for the designing part and creates branding message.

Like they say everything has a downside, well this design too has a one. If the video takes a lot of loading time, people might just leave the website and won't wait to get the full experience of the website. It is also important to not get carried away by using too many videos or your site's visitors will get detracted from the original purpose of the site.

4. Google maps integration:
These days Google Maps is everyone's mobile application that they can rely on for any map service. Brands integrate this service into their websites. This helps your website visitors know where your brand is located. You can customize your website's Google Map with colors to that complement the website's design and type of event that you are hosting.

5. Authentic photography:
These days customers seek legitimacy and uniqueness from the brands and as well as from events network with. In order for any brand to get into connection with their audience, they need to use their own stock imagery, videos, and icons. When they don't use any original images, it gets difficult to convey what is the brand's true identity. Because of such activity, the audience has a tendency to not trust such websites. The only drawback is that the high-quality images and videos are slightly on the expensive side.