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Ways to capture perfect event memories

July 17, 2019

If your event is fruitful, there will be pictures all over social media even before you know it! Don’t let lacklustre images dull your potential attendees’ enthusiasm. Capturing a compelling picture for your event can be a huge challenge. But you need to transport the attendees to the actual experience. This works well as it helps with the promotion of your brand, only if you work it correctly.

So, here are ways to capture unique photos to spark the interest, follow the tips below to not miss a thing -

• Create Photo Ops
The whole idea of a photo op is to create engagement and encourage the attendees to take pictures. Photo-op is an event trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Incorporate props, creative backgrounds, etc., or fancy costumes for the group to take pictures. Along with the fun element, add in your brand logo or create visuals that will attract them to snap a picture and tag it on social media. This is a great opportunity for the attendees to have an immersive experience.

• Social Media Prep
Increase chances of attendees sharing enticing photos across their social media by tagging relevant hashtags. Create a unique hashtag for your event along with other trendy hashtags which the attendees might use on their social media. You can amalgamate ‘Geo-Fencing’ along with these hashtags which will help you keep a track on what the attendees are posting.

• Social Media Wall
Keeping your attendees immersed and absorbed in the event on social media will help you bring the communal atmosphere together. Create fun interactive conversations and indulge in more creative ways to connect with the attendees on the social media wall. The social media wall is not just for the attendees but also for those people who couldn’t attend the event. It is a good way to interact with those potential attendees and the existing attendee as it will help bridge the gap between online and offline connectivity between people and the event.

• Friendly Competition
There’s nothing wrong in having a friendly competition at the event; it will only help shake things a bit and create more conversations. You can either have friendly matches or Social Media Scavenger hunts to have an added thrill factor in it. Award the attendees who posted the most creative content on social media or someone who shared multiple posts on multiple platforms.

• User Generated Mosaic
Invite attendees to be a part of an awesome event mosaic created purely by the brand’s hashtag and photos & images shared by attendees on social media. New technology creates this artistic mosaic which will engage the attendees more, also keep them energetic during the event.

So how does it work, you ask? Attendees take a picture and post it along with the brand’s hashtag. After posting the image, a printer automatically prints the photo and assigns it to a location on the mosaic wall. And so on, the entire mosaic wall gets filled up and reveals an entire mosaic wall image with every attendee’s picture. What a cool way to engage the attendees, right?

• Go professional
If you want your attendees to have a great time and a professional knows how to do it then hire one for sure! Professionals know how to tell a story perfectly. You can’t just rely on user-generated content. Give your photographer a photoshoot list that clearly tells them what you expect.

Events have become more visual these days. Attendees, clients, employees all of them want a more immersive experience. What better way to connect with the attendees via a captured moment to remember forever?