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Unique and unusual event trends around the world

June 8, 2018

To stand out is one of the most significant and yet one of the hardest things to do. Or is it easy? Well only time has the answer to that. In today’s digital world, people are yearning consistently to one up their opponents. And with that being said, event companies are leaving no stone unturned to create dream-like scenarios into reality. They intend to enlighten and be quirky in order to connect with their audiences. Rejoicing one’s passion, bringing back the dead trends with a tinge of modern tactics, or, sometimes, being absolutely inexplicable are also some of the many tricks that event managers are taking into account to be unique and unusual from the trends that revolve around them.

So let’s be a globetrotter right here and take a closer look at some of the most unique and unusual trends from around the world:

1- The United States of America

Instagram Museums: Its nothing but a trend having to share anything and everything that goes around you on social media platforms. And this is incorporated with utmost interest by the trend setters themselves. The US has been hit by a storm of pop-up events, one of the most famous being the interactive museums that make the picture sharing experience seamless. Starting from the Museum of Ice Cream and Color Factory to Meow Wolf and 29Rooms, these events have been creating quite a buzz amongst the youngsters, with photo-worthy backdrops, unusual props and intentionally placed cameras that help you have picture perfect frame.

2- The United Kingdom

Morning raves: Renowned as the most unique morning rave, ‘Morning Gloryville’ takes place in certain cities across the country, containing the iconic Ministry of Sound Venue Space based in London, and is nothing but full of energised and enthusiastic morning rave. An interesting bit to this rave is that it has a zero alcohol policy; the raves run from 6.30 to 10.30 in the morning and provide inspirational and energising music. And, hey, there’s more to it, you also get a free massage, organic coffee and smoothie bars. Now that’s the ideal Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. Don’t you think?

3- Netherlands

Rented Toilet Spaces: Known as the ‘Porta Potti tickets’ for a festival, the Dutch have some really creative ideas when it comes to unusual and unique event trends, and one of them is renting out private toilet spaces at the time of festivals. Unique, isn’t it? For a nominal fee, the festival attendees are provided with a key to their own private toilet space. And the best part about these spaces is they are inflated with all sorts of quirky and freaky decoration. We’d go just for them to a festival, eh?

4- Australia

Events for Dogs: The Australians celebrated 2018, the Chinese Year of the Dog with their furry friends. These events are solely created for pet owners and lovers, some of the attractions in these events include Pups and Pinot, Pet Markets and Santa Paws is coming to town. Here’s a calling for all you dog lovers, let’s pack up and head to Australia, NOW!

5- Germany

Concerts for Babies: Classical music concerts are specially being held for infants as young as one month to two-year-old babies as well as their parents. This genre of music evidently has an extremely calming and relaxing effect on the toddlers and of course the parents can go to this concert without the hassle of finding a babysitter or feeling guilty having to leave their baby at home. Here, the parents and babies get to rejoice and spend time together. Any one for Germany, here?

No matter what, you will always have quirkier and funkier event trends around you, all you got to do is find them. And if you enjoy them, then well, that’s good time spent. So which one of these events will you be recreating? Whichever it is, we are sure it will be great!