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Top trends of 2018 to make your event top-notch

May 25, 2018

The marketing-selling duo is like a perfect lock and key combination; it is like wine and cheese – one incomplete without another. And, companies have realized the importance of investing in quality event marketing. It is necessary to generate buzz, attract the media force and, most importantly, sell the event tickets. But, it is common knowledge how crowded and busy an event organiser’s schedule is and can get. Staying abreast with the latest marketing trends can be difficult and deciding on which strategies to zero down on and invest in can be agonising at times.
Here is a lowdown on some of the most on-point marketing insights from industry experts across the web.

1.Moment marketing

This one can be deceptive — while it appears to be magically spontaneous, most often it is planned out weeks in advance and is why it turns out so beautifully. Moment marketing is like taking a brilliant candid shot. It is the art of capturing your target audience’s attention with the apt message at the apt time. It is all about creating a perfect blend of content and context that makes people feel connected to your event.

The spontaneity – or rather the illusion of spontaneity – yields great viral potential, but the execution is riding on a huge risk, which creates the possibility for a huge error. Moment marketing connects people to a brand giving them a feeling that they are sitting together in the same room. But, like we said before, the blend of content and context needs to be just right.

2. Influencer marketing is powerful

The one adage that has been gaining a lot of popularity for some time now is Content is King, and nobody can deny that fact. Content marketing has been getting a lot of spotlight in recent times. The key strategy to attracting viewers to your website, or any online platform, is high-quality content across various channels. And, not to forget the power of social media in this entire process — you are most probably using a mix of blog posts, email campaigns, etc., to connect with your target audience. But, content marketing has gone a step further and is adopting the practice of influencer marketing. As the name suggests, this is the type of marketing where an influencer helps a brand sell itself and expand its reach in the domain. Influencers are typically individuals who enjoy a lot of popularity on social media platforms and have a high number of followers. Influencer marketing can do wonders for event organisers as it is equipped with some super traits such as organic reach, authenticity and audience relevance.

3. Allure big sponsors

Modern marketing is where traditional advertising has taken a back seat and customer experience is at the steering wheel. In today’s times, getting big brands to sponsor your events is becoming increasingly important. When an event and a brand collaborate, it creates better visibility, builds a positive association, expands the potential audience for the brand and boosts interaction and networking, and enhances engagement in general. The biggest advantage of securing good sponsors is that event sponsorship reaches people in person and goes beyond social media and online content.

Several factors are at play when it comes to making your event a runaway success. To begin with, understand your crowd, also make yourself available, be a team player, be humble, and events will always, always try to push you off your “peaceful” chair…so keep calm and rock that event!