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Top 5 Team Building Activities For Event Planners

May 13, 2019

From being a student in school to a workaholic in the professional life, all of you must have heard “All work no play makes jack a dull boy” a zillion times. It is the first phrase that comes to our mind when we think of creating a party mailer or a day out session in office and honestly it works.

We are talking about team building activities that help employees strengthen bonds, create new friendships and, for once, escape the hustle bustle of work life in our routine. Multiple studies prove that team building activities are not only fun to participate for the employees but also helpful in exploring their creative and unknown side. Taking that in context, the job of event planners revolves around creating an experience that is joyous and memorable for their attendees.

And an event planner can be as creative and experiential as their peers, as their surroundings are. One of the best and constructive ways to do this is through these team building activities that you surely must try with your co-workers.

1. Blind food tasting quiz
Why is food always mentioned as the first need in food, shelter and clothing. Everyone loves food, obviously. But here’s the catch. Gone are the days when a team would order food and sit together for lunch or may be even go out. A blind fold food tasting session opens doors for a lot of quirky and fun sessions. Have them guess the difference between two drinks or make them taste the dish they don’t like at all. Moreover, keep prizes for sessions and you will surely make room for a lot of participation.

2. Swachh office abhiyaan
This might sound a bit tedious at the start but trust us, we recently shifted to a new office and had to clean up the entire place before evacuating it. Not only our place looked more organized, but we also looked upon lot of stuff that made someone emotional, happy and nostalgic. Most importantly it was the first time we saw people talking to each other over the stuff they had. Moreover, everyone helped each other in keeping the right thing at the right place.

3. Tape for fun
This is one activity that not many may know about, but can prove to be very fun and productive at the same time. Coloured duct tape designing has been in trend for quite some time and people, thanks to DIY videos are not only able to come with alternate solutions for a mishap, but also innovative and creative props at their events, art galleries or even exhibitions.

4. Supermarket sweep
This activity will work wonders and help you when you negotiate with your vendors. Divide your employees into teams and collect all office essentials under a price budget. Doing this would certainly help them enhance their communication skills and understand the importance of each penny in their professional career.

5. Outdoor Activity of the Day (OAOTD )
Last year, we celebrated our organisation’s 16th anniversary and the celebrations comprised multiple outdoor activities like scavenger hunt, movie making, one-minute games, zorbing, etc. These activities resulted in lot of team bonding, quick decision making, collaborative working and innumerable moments of laughter and fun. In short, such activities are a good attempt at making your office a great place to work.

Call it team building, ice breakers or anything, these activities are a must in any part of the working environment. They not only help employees to stay rejuvenated at work force but help them stay motivated and charged to perform as well.