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Top 5 Latest Technology Trends for your next Event

December 11, 2017

There is no shame in admitting that you are a tech-savvy, but don't you think that trends in the events have become monotonous? As an event host, don't you feel that your attendees are at the event are wowed enough? If your answer was yes then you are looking at the right place. It is very important to choose the correct technology which would be suitable for your event. It is not necessary that new media technology will suit your entire event, and that's totally fine!

There are few questions that you need to ask yourself before implementing new technology trends for your next event like; do you actually need something to be changed? What is the goal of implementing the new technology? Do you have the budget to invest in tech? Is your team technology savvy enough?

If you have determined all these factors and found a perfect answer to these questions, then here are top 5 event technology trends you need to know:

1. Mobile Apps:
Mobile apps help to reach about 2 out of 5 people to their mobile devices. There are a majority of people that use smartphones, an application would be a lot of importance. You need to just plan it within the timeline. All you have to do is to pay attention to its customization, flexibility, and creativity.

2. Use of iBeacon:
Bluetooth and iBeacon are location sensing devices which are now widely used by many event managers. With this, you can broadcast which helps you send and receive within a 40-yard radius. This helps you to influence event attendees before they know about you. Many smartphones have Bluetooth sensor built-in and one can purchase an iBeacon transmitter, separately. It helps you to send personalized welcome texts, establish Check-In on Social Media, Push Notifications, etc.

3. Smart wearable technology:
With the growth in trends, the use of wearable technology has drastically increased. There has also been a drastic change in the event industry. With the help of smart watches and glasses which are made available for the people, event planners can also create apps for smartwatches. In addition to this, the devices are compatible with Bluetooth which allows users to get notifications of any electronic updates. Smart glasses or even Google Glass will make the event attendees take images, get information about the event. This is very helpful for viewers who walk-in the exhibition.

4. Social Media:
It is very clear to know the impact on social media and also understand its importance. There are very few activities that you could try on your social media like, posting a short video on social media handle which highlights the details of the event. Engaging the event audience via Facebook, with the help of interactive posts and ads. Apart from this, consumers get influenced on the bases of testimonials. There is a lot of scope for visual testimonials which could include videos or graphs.

5. 3D Printing:
3D printing is the new growing trend. It is a process converting a digital file into a 3D solid object. You can incorporate 3D printing in your event as well, for instance, you could create innovative event banners, signs, and displays.