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Tips to boost employee engagement at the workplace

September 18, 2019

Employee engagement happens in employees’ hearts and not their minds! Employee engagement basically describes the enthusiasm, strength and determination employees have towards their work. It is more than just employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees deliver exactly what is asked of them! Engaged employees go above and beyond for their organization’s goals and vision. Did you know, merely 15% of the workers are motivated and engaged at work, globally! CEOs, senior management, managers, etc., need to ensure that employees are on the right track, especially when business is about to grow. It is their vital role to manage, inspire, direct & provide an environment which enables the employees to work together productively.

In this article, we share six effective employee engagement ideas that can help you and your company. Let’s take a look –

Studies suggest that a sense of belonging in the workplace leads to more than just a good atmosphere and friendships. It gives the employees the will to be themselves without the fear of being treated differently. Employees feel the need to be supported, included and accepted regardless of their sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity. A sense of belonging will only help develop a great performance at the workplace.

Health and well-being are vital to any company’s success. According to a CIPD survey, bosses who take employee health and well-being seriously enjoy a healthier and more inclusive culture (35%) and lower sickness ratio (31%). Great health and well-being at workplace increases productivity and smart work. Happy employees equals stress-free and productive employees. Companies have now started with good measures to minister the well-being of the employees.

There will be lot of times where employees will not feel comfortable with the idea of speaking what’s on their mind. The main thing is to ensure the employees that it’s okay to voice their opinion and encourage them to get it off their chest. Try reaching out to them; if necessary, send them emails to make sure they understand that management is always ready to lend an ear. Keep an “open door policy” to hear employees out, which will only be favourable to the company. This is one of the simplest and effective methods to ensure employee engagement.

You don’t need to wait for ‘Employee Recognition Day’ to appreciate or show gratitude to the employees. Showing employees they are appreciated increases workplace effectiveness hugely. An infographic by work.com indicates that 69% of the employees worked harder when appreciated and rest 54% would just quit if they didn’t feel so. Another way to appreciate the employees is by thanking them or praising them for their work. Recognize their efforts and acknowledge them as soon as it happens. Always smile and show respect. Your thankfulness will yield much more loyalty from the employees.

Treating employees fairly is not just a morale responsibility. It is absolutely necessary to ensure the company’s growth. Low morale results in decreased employee productivity. Avoid showing favouritism towards any particular employee. Promote an employee solely based on his/her merit and hard work. Be fair and treat every employee individually and appropriately based on circumstances & their designated work and then reward them accordingly.

One way to foster engagement at your company is sustainability. CSR goes beyond just inviting people or volunteering your time at the organisation. It is the third-most driving factor for employee engagement for the companies. Employees/job seekers now expect their employer to support groups and individuals in need of the communities. Youngsters now regard businesses as someone who can create a positive social impact. They prefer when companies associate with such organisations. It has also been proven that CSR increases employee engagement, productivity and retention in the company. This initiative is a win-win for the company, as it helps in keeping the employee happy and also gives them a sense of accomplishment, serving a greater cause.

Employee engagement can only be built by positive mind-set of the employees and the employer. Work shouldn’t be just about being serious and meeting deadlines. Keep the employees happy at workplace or else they‘ll lose focus and the company’s productivity will dwindle. The key to employee engagement is the ability to tap into the discretionary effort of your team and this requires a genuine commitment to their professional and personal success.