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Tips on live streaming your event to offer a lovely experience

November 9, 2018

If not all us, most of us have live streamed an event or an occasion. We have all had fun while indulging in Facebook or Instagram live, haven’t we? And the simplest equipment to indulge in this activity is a tool we all have, which is our phone. We all have a phone tucked in our pockets and most models these days have brilliant in-built cameras, and we have internet connection in them too. But at some point or another we all experience certain glitches while live streaming using our phones. Here, we share some simple tips to offer a hassle-free live streaming experience to your audience.

1. The audio in your video matters:
In a video, the hearing experience matters as much as the viewing experience and you can enhance the former by using some affordable and cool technology. What is this technology that we are talking about? Well, this is a video mic, which is a really simple camera microphone that easily fits at the bottom of your phone. And what’s so great about this? Well, it allows you to use the existing camera of your phone and enhances the audio of your video, taking it notches higher. This gadget serves very well for interviews or close-up shots that are coupled with dialogues.

2. Stabilize your video:
Well, it is primarily a video that you’re making and the basic requirement is to create a superlative viewing experience, sans all the shaking. A tripod is a good investment to make a good, non-shaking video. You would have probably heard of a tripod before; it is basically used to keep a camera still. Taking it a step ahead, is a Gorilla Pod whose legs can be bent and it can grip to things such as a chair, a backpack or can also be attached to your arm. What’s really cool is that it holds the camera extremely still and delivers a smooth video.

3. Audio input:
Well, what if you are not satisfied with the audio quality coming from the video mic? You wonder about how you can take the audio to an even higher level. There are these really great pieces of gear called audio input which allow you to take audio pieces from your AV company and plug them straight into your phone. Basically, you use your phone’s camera and take the audio from your AV company — an audio piece that is mixed by a sound engineer — and what you see is that the video you are live streaming is of a much higher quality than what others are streaming.

4. Video capture cards:
What if aapka dil maange more? You wonder what more can I do to ‘tech’ this up. You want to have more graphics and some more cool features. That’s where you want to bring in something more powerful than your phone, that is, your laptop. Laptops these days have really great software that makes lives streaming incredibly easy. What’s more? You can not only use audio input, video mic, tripods, etc., you can use what’s called a video capture card. A video capture card is essentially a small adapter that you plug on the side of your computer to take the video input from your camera into the laptop and treat it like a webcam.

5. Buy equipment or hire a team
So we have the phone, the cool tech stuff, the laptop and some more cool stuff, and all this at a relatively low cost. But you want to go all professional and have hits and Likes on your video link, like serious numbers….what options do you have then? The first alternative is to buy the necessary equipment and do it with an in-house team or to outsource to a professional team. Well, what option to choose really depends on what resources are available to you in-house if you choose the former and most importantly, if you wish to go with the latter, does your budget play villain in this entire scene? If not, then you can hire a good team with equally good equipment and live stream a stellar video.

In conclusion, your audience is king and to offer them a kingly experience the video you are live streaming needs to be the emperor. Acknowledging your audience is extremely important and the best way to do it is to stand in their shoes and walk in them too, that is, to experience it all. If you are drowning in a barrel of boredom while watching your video, what bigger hint do you need? Make sure you create content your TG WANTS to see, not needs to see.