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The power and magic of videos to transform your attendees’ event experience

August 21, 2019

In the clutter of posts, photos, hashtags and GIFs in the social media jungle, videos have been ruling the roost with their innate quality to attract more viewer attention. Given the short attention span of viewers today, they usually prefer watching a video to even reading a short post. Videos are great to transform attendees’ event experience at various kinds of events like ceremonies, conferences, etc. But it is equally important to understand what purpose the video is going to serve, what its core message is going to be and for what type of audience are you creating it. Once you look into all these factors in detail, the resulting video becomes impactful and interesting.

At a live event, videos can be used to influence audiences from the word go. As the audience is settling in their seats, you can kick-start with a peppy intro sequence that gets them engaged and gives them a glimpse of what content will follow. Use of dynamic features and dramatic loud audio are some components that help in instantly holding attendees’ attention and quietening the room. Now that the primary hurdle of catching audience attention is taken care of, the intro sequence should seamlessly blend into the purpose of holding the event and the event message. For example, if it is an awards ceremony, the video should have relevant info such as what’s the awards ceremony for, who are the nominees, what are the categories, etc. Don’t forget to add variation to your content, so that boredom doesn’t set in. Once you have had a great kick-start, make sure the content that follows is extremely engaging and impactful. If there are going to be presentations, make sure they are interspersed with videos to break the monotony and better understand what’s being presented.

A video can also be used to highlight key takeaways of an event, especially if there are several. More importantly, whatever your video may be portraying, it should have the right amount of humor or emotional quotient, basis the type of the event. Needless to say, nobody wants to see anything boring and generic; so keep it interesting, exciting and engaging. Steer away from controversial content and of course keep in mind the basic interests of your audience while curating content.

Take some time and give some thought to the type of video you want to make – live action video or animation. Yes, the first option is cheaper and works well in engaging an audience but animated videos offer you more creative freedom. You can create something more eye-catching with bold colors to attract and retain audiences’ attention.

To conclude, understand the messaging your event needs to carry. Even more important is to understand your audience, their likes, dislikes and interests and create video content accordingly. This will help you to effectively connect with the audience and influence them.

So, go on, let your video do the needful and more at your next event.