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The last five stress-free steps to plan a fabulous event

July 3, 2019

We listed the first set of pointers that would help you create a fabulous event for your attendees. Well, but that’s not the complete story. In this second part of the article, we list things to take care of during and post the event so that the event experience comes a full circle.

Read on for the last five stress-free steps to creating a great event.

1. Have a strong marketing plan in place
The success of your event is highly inclined towards the number of registrations you secure. And to get a high number, you need to get the word out, which is where an adept marketing team comes into play. But a one-size-fits-all approach does not work here. Every event is different and requires a definite strategy.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter are the major social media platforms you need to concentrate on. A chunk of your marketing budget is going to go into targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook, but each channel has its own strengths and you need to capitalize on them. SEO is another dinosaur that needs to be tamed. Millions of people are looking for things on Google. Is your event the answer to their query? It all starts with knowing what your users are searching for. You won’t get anywhere without a solid foundation of keyword search. Be it SEO, SEM or a regular email, a robust strategy in place helps to aptly market your event.

2. Work in sync with suppliers based on the event requirements
You have the moving parts in place and now it is about getting them moving, which is when it comes to finding your suppliers. You must have your supplier list in place so that your budgeting doesn’t go astray and doing control damage at a later stage doesn’t becomes a daunting task. Your vendors will basically fall into these main categories – A/V, event rentals, décor and legal.

3. Use event technology to plan better and create a fabulous experience
Planning and executing an event is getting increasingly complex. Budgets are shrinking, client demands are forever skyrocketing. Event organizers are expected to do more with less. New technological solutions spring up with each passing day and planners and their teams should create tech stacks that take the planning, execution and the entire event experience several notches higher.
Your event can be a mix of activities that merge latest tech and old school charm, but wherever things can get easier with technology, it should be used, e.g., ticketing and registration, check-in, diagramming, file sharing, RFID, etc.

4. Create an immersive event agenda
Back-to-back speaker sessions and boring, long-drawn presentations are a thing of the past. These days, planners have to go the extra mile and surprise attendees, offer experiences, not events. And the best way to do this is to put the agenda in the hands of the attendees themselves. This means you need to offer options in the event space and the schedule. Also, at the event, don’t let attendees get too comfortable in their seats; keep them moving and keep them engaged. When attendees are moving it helps them meet new people and network better.

5. Post-event analysis is crucial
Last but not the least; you need to analyze your event’s success once it is done. This is extremely crucial to make sure you do not repeat mistakes at your next event. Post-event analysis is also essential to understand what worked wonderfully and if it can be replicated next time. It will also help you better understand the core potential of your team members and if there are individuals who could fare well in taking up additional responsibilities in the future. So, sit down with your team and chalk out all the details to measure success and misses, and move ahead with new learnings.

Well, facts and pieces have been laid out in front of you. So, put your hard work and imagination to test and use a lethal combination of the above steps to plan a gorgeous experience. We hope by now you know what the trending synonym for experience is.