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The BIG Reveal – 9 Interactive Event Ideas for Product Launch

December 4, 2019

A product launch is one of the most anticipated occasions for an organization. Years of efforts, countless hours at work and a strong team motive behind achieving success, product launch is an event that every person, working on the project, wishes to execute flawlessly. However, as complicated as it looks, following these tips will help you in strategically executing a product launch.

1. Build curiosity through anticipation

This is the first pit stop for any organization during their race towards launching their next big thing. As a brand, it’s very important to create a buzz and keep the audience guessing until the big day. The best example would be Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference held last year in Brooklyn city, New York. Right before the launch, anyone who was not associated with Apple had no clue about the plans the software giant had in mind. The buzz did wonders for the brand as people started to burst with excitement, considering the revelations that Apple did in its previous conferences.

2. Make it more exclusive

Who doesn’t like exclusiveness? It not only makes it special and prestigious for the attendees but also adds eminence to the overall event. An invite-only event works best in this scenario. The biggest plus here is the people who attend your event are one of your top clients, customers or target groups. Sending them a personalized invite will ensure you get the perfect attendee count at your event. You can also go the RSVP way, where the ones who are genuinely interested will be a part of your event. They will always be keen on hearing from you about your event or related details.

3. Offer new experiences at unique venues

Bleisure, which is basically business meets leisure, is a new trend that has been the talk of the town for quite some time. Attendees apart from the event are looking for multiple opportunities to enhance their experience during the stay.

4. Pitch your product to the right audience

The biggest factor that you as an event planner must focus on is your knowledge to target the right audience and cater to their needs and wants. One Plus pitches to the right audience by encompassing tech fanatics and Android lovers who would like to adopt it as soon as they are launched in the market.

5. Customize your attendee experience

A customized attendee experience can never go wrong. IMEX (International Machine Tools Expo) is widely known for their smaller, themed stations that give attendees choices and allow them to engage with the content and learning formats that interest them most.

6. Amaze your attendees with a technological experience

Technology equipped with attendee experience is the new trend that has taken the event industry by storm. Providing them with a technological experience at an event is the best way to engage your existing customers and at the same time turn prospective ones into regular ones. For the #NBAInMyBackyard campaign a successful projection mapping was created at the iconic Gateway of India in Mumbai in order to create a buzz to welcome the 2 NBA teams arriving in India for the first time ever. The activation projected a montage of graphics and shots of basketball players along with hip-hop music to bring alive the experience of NBA. Hip-Hop and Graffiti resonates with the branding of NBA and these activations did just that. The impact of these activations has created great consumer interactions on their social media channels too.

7. Embrace the power of virtual

We live in a world that’s always on the go and provides us with the right tool to embrace digital use. But how many of us use them? Two companies that we know are Hubspot and Unbounce. Tying up together, the two organize Digital Agency Day, an online event that ropes in industry experts from big companies like Google, LinkedIn and Sprout Social to share valuable insights. Is your product apt to be launched on the world of web? If yes, this is one way you must completely embrace.

8. Network left, right and center

Technology although already booming in the event industry still needs to be used to enhance or ease your communication methods and promote advanced networking. WOW Awards Asia, is the region's largest business and recognition platform for the Experiential Marketing, MICE, LIVE Entertainment and Wedding Industry where the attendees are always in for some creatively uplifted ways to do thought-provoking interactions.

9. A livewire live performance to end

What would you do to make a serious conference end on a high and electrifying note? Almost every organization is looking to light up the mood and promotes healthy work-life balance through recreational activities. Musical performances or dancing sessions are two of the many ways to do that. All you need is a good musician/dancing troupe to have you entertained for the rest of the evening.