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Technological Trends That Are Taking The Event Industry By Storm

September 7, 2017

Events as many of us know are a medium to create larger than life experiences. This industry has developed in numbers at lightning speed. With this growth comes a need for technology that helps brands create widespread buzz and drive engagement before, during and after the event. Here, we present you, some of the important technological trends that are taking the event industry by storm:

1. Virtual Reality
Virtual events around the globe have taken the event industry to a whole new level. From trade shows to conferences to expos, this technology through an immersive interface serves attendees a once in a lifetime experience to interact with virtual products they possibly have never seen before.

2. Social Media Platforms
Social media is an ideal platform for building an interactive networking experience for attendees at events. Placing twitter walls at conferences, Q&A sessions using event-specific hashtags and live streaming at major conferences, these platforms help brands promote their event worldwide.

3. Event Apps
With the rise of smartphone technology, event apps have become an essential part of delivering effective solutions at any event. From reliving memories of past events to building anticipation for future events, these versatile applications do it all at the tip of your fingers.

4. Wearable Technologies
Wearable technologies are the next-level smart badges in events that help attendees exchange information virtually in an instant. Thriving with new innovations, these wearable tech gadgets not only help brands execute their events with ease but also track entire event’s schedule at once.