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Six Ways to Personalize your Event Experience

July 24, 2019

Event personalisation and customizations are a good curtain-raiser to grab more attention from attendees around your event. New event techniques and tricks are becoming a part of every event, from budgeting to registration to the overall event experience. Give your event a competitive edge by incorporating these below mentioned touch of personalization -

1. Personalized Invitation
Making an attendee feel special is a great goal for all event types. Creating personalized invitations can help build a relationship with the attendees. Personalizing the invites is an effective yet simple method to increase their chances of attending your event. Assessing your TG accurately can help you track what kind of audience you might have, which can help in creating the invitations that will prove effective in drawing people to your event. If you have crowds that you can clearly classify into two different slots, you can have invitations in two designs. So, catering to the right audience with personalization can chart a path for the event that leads to huge success.

2. Personalized Event Websites
Tailor your event websites according to the kind of audience you’re expecting at the event. For example, a landing page with information and peer reviews might attract the academic crowd. Whereas, your corporate audience will like commercial ideas and other event-related details. An early-bird registration may appeal to an academic crowd whereas the corporate audience must have booked the event months in advance. So, try and create websites which can cater to the different crowd for easier accessibility regarding the events.

3. Personalized Registration Journeys
Form a distinctive registration path for each type of audience. Before the opening of the event, segregate your audience into specific slots such as delegates, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, etc., and based on the segregation, let attendees through their registration set. This will make the process of registration personalized and you could ask them specific questions and requirements according to the nature of the segment.

4. Personalized Communications
Communication with your attendee makes things pretty easy before the event as it allows you to cater to their specific needs if necessary. A lot of times, attendees request for a specific food or diet-friendly food which is difficult to arrange on the day of the event. A confirmation mail after registration which includes food-related details can help make the event experience a great one for the attendee and saves the organizer a lot of last-minute hassles.

5. Personalized Notifications
Integrating your event with a personalized application can help you identify the attendees’ interests and needs. The app can be used to send out notifications related to the event (speakers and session timing, etc.) to the attendees which will make it smooth and simple. The notification can be sent 30 minutes before the event. Creating such attendee-friendly applications helps boost the event in several ways.

6. Personalized Networking
Inserting networking tools on your event application or event registration will benefit attendees to the maximum. The attendees will be able to see who’s attending the event and can be of potential interests and set up meetings with the required person. These networking tools help schedule meetings at a specific time and avoid clashes with the other sessions. These networking tools maintain all information about the attendees, which makes it rather easy to track available slots and timeline of that person. Such new technologies can make a huge difference to any event.

Attendees and even consumers, now, value experiences more than anything. Find creative ways to leverage the same and make your event a memorable one. So, make sure to provide your attendees with personalized and unique experiences to extend and increase attendee loyalty!