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Four types of videos to be used at your next conference

March 22, 2019

An image may speak louder than a thousand words, but a moving image or a video is a million times more engaging when it comes to sourcing information. Be it experiential advertising, brand promotions or even live event conferences, the usage of videos in the most dynamic and unique ways helps to heighten the excitement quotient for your attendees, pre, during and post the event. But does making the videos get the job done, alone? Videos surely grab the eyeballs, but the type of videos and more importantly the sequence ensures your communication is brought out in its best way possible.

Here, we discuss 4 major factors you need to consider while using videos instead of those heavy PowerPoint presentations to create an immersive experience for your guests:

1. Begin with a bang through a dynamic pre-event video:
The success of a conference or an event highly depends on how you kick-start your show. This is the very moment where you can make or break the interest of your attendees. While the traditional approach goes the old school way where through a not very engaging slide show, you spill out all the necessary information while your attendees get settled. There are instances or moments where your attendees have to be involved, voluntarily and vice-versa.
Announcing the necessary information might require a very dynamic speaker with effective crowd engagement skills and sometimes that too may not get the job done. Here’s where you let the pre-event video do the talking. There are diverse types of video styles you can explore to get the excitement and energy flowing high, right before the start. Not to mention you can go beyond limits in terms of creativity. Make it a perfect blend of stirring visual treatment and just the right amount of information and your event has taken off on a high.

2. C for Curiosity, C for Countdown:
Now that you have got your attendees glued to the event, it’s time to hike up their excitement as to what they see with another C, C for Countdown. Who doesn’t get excited at the mention of a countdown? Most of us do, and we aren’t just talking about the clocks ticking. Countdowns are ideal when you wish to trigger the enthusiasm of the attendees a notch higher. Make them thrilling, use high tempo music, fast-moving visuals and finally build it up to something very significant. The best example, though not related to a conference, would be the countdown videos played at Tomorrowland. With the right amount of hype, complemented with the right communication, a countdown video will just have the energy juices flowing in the senses of your attendees.

3. An exhilarating introduction video:
Introduce the speakers attending your event with an exhilarating introduction video. Honestly, no one wants to hear a 2-page long introduction about your guest speakers. Rather aim to create an intriguing build-up and let the introduction video take care from there on. Though this might not work if you have speakers in large numbers, due to its feasibility, introduction videos are the perfect way to help the attendees witness the achievements of the known and, in some cases, not-so-known guest speakers for themselves. They could even be funny and engaging depending on the dynamics of every individual who is about to speak. This also saves up on a lot of time, as introduction videos are usually not over a couple of minutes, whereas a proper introduction script can take up to 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Keep them guessing with a ‘What’s Next’ video:
Every ending is nothing but a pitch map towards a greater and exciting beginning. Apart from the beginning, it’s the ending that plays an equally important role in hiking up your attendees’ excitement. A ‘What’s Next’ video offers them a quick glimpse as to what they can expect the next day. You can even make it more lively if you put in the shots of the day’s conference and have a say, like, there’s more to come or even a famous dialogue from a movie. The videos can even be shots in the form of a trailer where touch points like guest speakers, artists, performances, etc., can be rolled out in the form of a preview video. The same video can be connecting to the pre-video of the next day. Do this and you have your attendees asking for more.

To conclude, visuals not only help attendees experience a moment but in one way help you live it as well. We are in an era where storytelling is booming and with the help of thought-provoking concepts, use of videos at events is just the ideal shift your next conference should be aiming at.