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Pamper your attendees in these SEVEN ways!

September 4, 2019

Attendee experience is the new event marketing battlefront. Many companies do not shy away from the fact that offering attendees an eventful experience at their events tops the list, especially in today’s scenario. Gone are the days when just having a targeted number of footfalls would make your event a success. In a world where the audience is flooded with options, it is important to be vigilant about enhancing attendees’ comfort at any given point and it all starts with…

Getting the better of the weather:
Irrespective of an indoor or outdoor venue, the weather does play a very important role in affecting the mood of your attendees. While informing them in prior may be on your checklist, it is always better to be prepared with routine stuff that can be related to weather conditions. A very good example would be providing shawls at events where the weather is expected to be cold, use fans during summers or a golf umbrella to escort your guests from valet to the actual venue. Remember, the way you make them feel is the way they talk about it once the event is over.

Being equipped with venue-specific amenities
Every venue has a specific speciality and has been designed in that manner for a specific reason. As an organizer, it is advisable to have detailed knowledge about the basic amenities that the venue can offer and utilize them to make your attendees’ stay convenient. A cruise party might make room for a lot of motion sickness, so always have a medication kit available at the doorstep. A tropical venue is a home for lots of flies and bugs as well. Giving them mosquito repellents in the welcome kit along with a message can make a huge difference in enhancing their experience. Also, these repellents are flavoured and can make the atmosphere cosier and more relaxing.

Staying Charged to Connect
We live in a modern world where the Wi-Fi password is quickly replacing welcome drinks at any venue. To strike a perfect balance between the being social and doing social, the attendees are always keen towards keeping their devices well charged, well equipped and well connected. While you must keep little space for person-to-person interaction, always be loaded with basic tech gadgets at the venue. Power banks, selfie sticks, strong Wi-Fi connection, make them a necessity in your checklist of requirements.

Catering to food needs
While the success of an agenda or motto of the occasion may be subjective to choice, one thing that attendees surely look up to is options of delicious delicacies available at the food area. As an event organizer, it’s very important to have detailed knowledge about the type of audience that is coming at the event. Every crowd will have varied preferences towards food. Our suggestion would be to keep a mix of restaurant and ‘un-restaurant’ dishes. Something sweet, something spicy and something healthy is also a good theme to explore as it leaves your attendees spoilt for choice.

Comfortable seating is important
Seating is perhaps one of the most vital elements while reviewing the comfort of the attendees. While it is necessary to focus on the quantity, you must never and we say this, never compromise on the quality of the seating. Another thing to be taken care of is the type of seating you are arranging. If your event is more of a casual affair, you should go for relaxed and cosy seating. For a formal meeting, keep it simple; something the attendees can easily settle into and yet suits the formal agenda.

Rejuvenating all their senses
Who said events are all about creating a visual experience? In an era where 4D screenings are taking everyone by storm, it is the feel along with the vision that adds an extra feather to creating a memorable experience. For a multi-day day event, refresh the mood of your attendees by providing them aroma-based room candles or machines. Theme-based sleep masks, branded cushions, cookies in the welcome kit and grooming or spa-related products work best for rejuvenating the senses of your attendees.

The perfect goodbye is with a gift
It’s not only about how you start but also how you end the event that creates a difference. Who doesn’t like a gift or a giveaway? If your event is related to a specific theme, have gifts revolving around the same. You can even keep venue-specific gifts which can even work as a souvenir. The catch is to give them something remarkable, usable or memorable.