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Making Six Types of Corporate Events Fun

January 22, 2019

'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' and that applies to business events too. Just because it is a conference or a business meet, it needs to be boring and predictable. A bit of imagination can make a corporate event almost free of a conventional setting and yawn-inducing speeches.

Here, we list 6 types of corporate events and how to make them memorable for your audiences:

Event type 1: Internal meetings
Smaller internal meetings need as much planning expertise as a big event. Lack of planning most times wrecks the timeline and makes these meetings an exhausting affair. Here’s how you can make your next meeting less mundane and more fun.
a) Based on the purpose of the meeting, keep it short and to the point and make it compulsory for all, especially the speakers, to adhere to set timelines.
b) Whatever the topic of your meeting, make it relatable. Share real stories, case studies and interesting anecdotes to keep the tempo going.
c) Don’t miss out on the entertainment quotient; hire a comedian or a magician and add the necessary fun quotient to your agenda.

Event type 2: Product launches
A product launch is a powerful moment for a company where employees, investors and competitors of an organization assemble in one place. But a launch does not necessarily be extravagant. Here’s how you can challenge conventions and still make it big.
a) To start with, finalize a theme around which all your activations and attendee experiences will be planned. Let your theme set the tone for your event as well as drive all small and big factors.
b) Unleash the powers of AR and VR and allow your attendees to experience the product wholly. This can be a good way to efficiently use space and the set budget.
c) Offer unconventional food choices such as a nitrogen ice cream bar and more to offer a novelty factor to the attendees.

Event type 3: Conferences
A conference is a reflection of many things for a company. It speaks of their leadership style, thought process, values, and more. Conferences are a serious matter because a company’s reputation is on the line. Registration prices of any conference should match up with the experience the company is offering. Here’s what can be done.
a) People are ready to travel distances for conferences if they find the speaker line-up interesting. Finding and sourcing conference speakers aren’t easy but the right line-up can reap wonderful results.
b) Who doesn’t love free stuff? Everybody does and even more if it is something they actually want. A customizable souvenir booth is something that will surely pep up attendees’ moods. A caricature artist who will sketch them will get more Likes than a branded tee or fidget spinner.
c) You can always wow your audience in many ways by treating them to unconventional food options like a customizable champagne cocktail bar, live stir-fry station, or even a doughnut wall.

Event type 4: Training workshops
Arranging training workshops for employees can be a very thankless job just like those school assemblies where we yawned endlessly and thought of it as an ordeal. Here are a few ways to get people interested in internal workshops.
a) Training rooms always and always have the same layout, long, unending rows of chairs and tables. Challenge the convention and change the room layout by offering bean bags, standing podium tables, etc.
b) A training event – internal or external – offers an opportunity for people to connect and strengthen their networking web. Make sure your event is also designed in a way that gives them that chance. This is where an event app can come in handy.
c) Among several other things, a training workshop has to be interactive and engaging. Encourage total participation even from the reserved attendees. For those who don’t like to speak in front of a crowd, use real-time polling apps and encourage them to post questions.

Event type 5: Seminars
Seminars are a good platform to showcase your company’s expertise on a certain topic. They also offer audience members a chance to interact with the speaker. Here’s how to mix up things at your next corporate seminar.
a) Sometimes opt for venues that don’t feel corporate at all. Break away from traditional auditoriums and make your seminar an even more memorable experience.
b) Instead of the usual coffee break, use that time for an experiential activity instead. Engage the attendees in some fun activities that give them the much-needed break to get back to the sessions after.
c) Other than PPTs think of other ways which can help speakers connect with their audiences. Be it apps, social media platforms or even a chatbot, use something different to help people explore relevant content.

Event type 6: Holiday parties
Annual bashes are a common thing in most companies. This is their way of showing appreciation for their employees and appreciating their work for the customers. Although a much-lighthearted category than the ones listed above, it does need to check certain boxes of parameters to be a successful one. After all, happy employees make for happier customers, right?
Here are a few tips to strike the balance between fun and professional.
a) People have enjoyed photo booths way since 1925 and the love for being clicked hasn’t faded over the decades. Although, today, people are flooded with options like GIFs, videos, stills and more, and they can share these directly on their social media platforms. This feature cannot fail you; use it to the fullest at your next party.
b) A healthy competitive spirit can only liven up your next party. Treasure hunts, quizzes and other easy to organize games can be a lot of fun and dial up the party quotient.
c) Circus acts have witnessed a glorious transformation, thanks to acts like Cirque du Soleil, which have elevated the art form to an immersive experience. Add that mystical flavour to your own event by hiring contortionists, acrobats and aerialists.

Conferences and corporate events are expected to face increased competition this year. So, it is time to up your game. Remember, an event is not simply a set up anymore; it is an experience and much more!