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Kick-start 2020 with these ideas in event designing

December 25, 2019

New Year is around the corner and with new beginnings come bigger and better opportunities. Speaking of opportunities, event industry, in this decade, made way for numerous concepts and ideations. From designs and experiences to activities and final executions, the last 10 years have been one crazy roller coaster ride. Having said that, the start of 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and just like every time, event goers and planners will be excited about the upcoming trends that the industry has in store. So, if you are planning your event in the coming year, here are some ideas and trends you must explore to enthrall your attendees.

1. Tie up with luxury theaters for special screenings

Luxury theaters have been in the market for quite some time but fall under the category of unexploited services. This calls for the perfect opportunity for your next event. Be it a professional gathering (conferences, business meets, etc.) or even a large-scale personal function (birthday or anniversary celebrations), it serves as a perfect platform for a large audience gathering to feel engaged and get entertained. Complimentary gifts or snack boxes will just hike up the hospitality quotient and make it more personalized.

2. Include Keto meals/desserts in your menu

Today, fitness is no more an option but rather a lifestyle choice people make. Speaking of that, it’s very important to understand the eating preferences of all your attendees. Curate a gastronomical experience strikes a balance between taste and nutrition. Offering something like Keto meals or desserts in the menu will ensure that the dishes stay alluring and helps the attendees keep a tab on the calorie intake as well.

3. Be unique with food servings

Along with serving delicious and health centric cuisines, it is also very important to weave a concept around its presentation. It’s not only about what is served but how and why is it served that catches the attention of your attendees. DIY bars, donut walls, egg buckets, the list is endless. These unique arrangements are eye-catchy and will excite your attendees to not only try but savour the dishes.

4. Let colours light up the mood

Colours add a vibrant effect and events are no exception. From lighting to décor to designing, the apt amount of colour combinations can add a rejuvenating effect to the overall ambience. For a corporate event, you can even use your brand colours or transform a complete space into your brand zone to register a recall value in the minds of attendees.

5. Prefer Packaged food to avoid catering waste

Packaged meals recently have been trending for a while and is expected to be a big success in events in the future. With meals providing the right amount of quantity, they help in reducing the level of food that is being wasted. Moreover, the material used for packaging are reusable or sometimes are a part of the food and edible in nature.