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Infotainment – The New Recipe for Effective Events

January 15, 2020

The world of corporate events in past times was considered to be a very professional and serious one. Discussing prime points, objectives and plans, these get-togethers were organized to reflect your brand’s identity and set milestones to achieve for the journey ahead. However, in recent times, companies find it relatively challenging to keep them dynamic and interesting. With a little scope to play with, here are a few factors that can perfectly hike up your next business/corporate conference.

1. Customize your Conference

Companies today are proactively bringing the concept of having an interesting meet and greet occasion at their corporate conference. Aiming to excite your target audience, your events must have these touch points that keep the audience engaged.

a. Attention-grabbing speakers – Not only should they be interactive but also relatable for the audience. Apt with their storytelling, they should be able to decode the agenda of your meeting in their speeches.

b. Productive giveaways – Match these to your theme and make sure they are useful for the attendees in the longer run. You can even use it for company branding but makes sure it isn’t too gaudy.

c. DIY / Interactive food and drink stations – Amidst long presentations, thrilling performances and few engagements, make sure you put stations that invite the attendees to explore the world of gastronomy. Booths like DIY bars, live stir-fry tables and make-your-own-pasta stations top our list.

2. Engage through Workshops

Let’s be honest, workshops if not engaging or participative for the attendees can turn into that tedious lecture or class that you wanted to skip in your college days. However, with a few elements, some interesting twists and experiential activities, your workshop would take no time to grab a lot of attention. An ideal way would be to create setups as per the theme and use the language that complements the concept, instead of normal seating or ambience. You can even plug in technology where attendees could use apps to cast their views and be a part of interesting discussions. The main motive is to make it more interactive, educative and enticing, all at once.

3. Interactive Seminars

Seminars give you the privilege to egg on specific subjects that your company or speaker aims at covering. The audience also looks forward to listening to topics discussed and you as an event creator must look for options to sprinkle some fun between the sessions.

a. What’s outside the four walls – Lush green open spaces where you can skip the conventional setups and think of the most unique ways to use the venue. WPP Stream, named by WIRED as best tech (un)conference, have their discussions in a lawn or during a Yoga class.

b. Utilize your break – Through some quick one-minute games that keep the light mood rolling throughout the event. You can even set up a game like a carom with transparent glass on it. The attendees can enjoy a game of carom and post the break can place the glass again and continue with their discussion.

c. Tech it up – 200 slides in one ppt? That’s such a passé. Make a two-minute highly engaging video, deliver your thought and use tools like chatbots to answer queries, if any.

Corporate events are majorly about goal and agenda-setting, and often lead to a very monotonous flow of communication. However, as an event creator, you need to apply your understanding complemented by the creative flair to add liveliness and excitement in the ambience. Entering a new decade, keep yourself updated with all the trends that are happening worldwide. Technology is one factor that will bring a major impact in terms of enhancing visual richness in the event industry. In the end, it’s all about striking the perfect balance between making it informative and entertaining. In short, next time you plan a corporate event, think of infotainment as your central route.