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How to Use Data to Expand Your Event to New Markets

March 29, 2018

The core foundation for running a successful event comes with the collection of incredible amount of data. The challenge though lies in transforming this data into valuable insights. How to use this data to expand your event to current as well new markets? Here are a few tips and techniques that might help you allocate your data & resources to its optimum utilisation.

1- Analyse your event attendees through multiple social media platforms
In world of constant evolution, it’s quite essential to place your move at the right time at the right place especially in the cyber space. Social Media as we all know is a platform where each and every information is just a click away. A brief study about the online behaviour of your target attendees will certainly be a gainer for not only designing but planning your campaigns in the online space. Platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc if used optimally for spreading your message can give you maximum eye balls on the agenda of your event.

2- Eye for the attendees who were interested but couldn’t attend
Your attendee list gives you enough information to understand the taste of the audience that relates to your event. But there is always a descend when it comes to comparing figures of people interested with the people who actually attended the event. Ending this gap may not be feasible but narrowing it down has endless possibilities. One such technique is Google Analytics; a freemium service that helps you track which platform or website generates maximum traffic. Be it placing perfect advertisements or knowing the reach your event is getting worldwide, Google Analytics possess all the tools required to generate a high conversion rate at your website.

3- Segregate your valuable customers from the data
Your most valuable attendees determine the level of your event’s success. A world where digital advertising is on a roll, they are the people who promote your event offline as well and help you generate more footfalls at your event. Analyzing their experiences, choices and behaviours will help you target prospective customers with similar likings and interests. Online tools like web analytics, social media or surveys will not help you have a deep understand of your valuable attendees but also design your event in a way that they can discover it to its maximum value.