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How Social Media Walls Create a Buzz at Events

June 15, 2018

Events are all about memorable moments and unforgettable experiences and the involvement of attendees or guests during the events acts as nothing but a huge add up to providing an extra boost to the communication.

With experiential advertising at its apex, one such activity that is escalating audience engagement digitally is social media walls. Built on the profound philosophy of creating an immersive experience for guests through the power of social media and its wide algorithm, (read about social media algorithm here) this unconventional and technologically empowered mode of marketing is surely the trending bigwig in live event advertising.

1- Reaches the audience faster – Social media is a major ingredient in connecting with the attendees digitally. Gone are the days when guests would actually take the effort to fill physical forms or even e-surveys to talk about the event. Thankfully, with social media walls, the attendees could just use their smart phones and share their experience on the go through multiple tweets on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2- One platform for all updates – Any event of a very high calibre, strong reach and multiple arrays of communication requires one platform dedicated to all the updates and upcoming schedules. With the help of a social media wall complemented with a suitable hashtag, event organisers can avoid any content lapse or update that the attendees might miss. Churning all the important information centred around the context of the event and collating them at a noticeable set-up will help organisers generate optimum traffic at specified activities.

3- Advertise the unconventional way – Sponsors don’t need to create a strong and foolproof media plan to advertise their products at the event anymore. The power of digital media is far from being unnoticed. Running their social media campaigns on these social media walls helps them market their products and services, draw attention to their additional services and increase their overall exposure.

4- Size matters? Oh, yes, it does – As quoted by Albert Einstein “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. With few LED screens or a big size projection and a flair for creative designs, one can easily set up larger-than-life social media walls at their events. Their ability to command attention easily makes them the highlight of the event. It’s also fun in a way, as the attendees enjoy watching their update or tweets on a 65-inch LED screen. What makes it more social is how other attendees can appreciate their updates only to open doors for a healthy conversation starter; interesting, isn’t it?

We live in a modernised world where sharing information is at the snap of our fingers. Here we mentioned a few of the many benefits one can incur in their event through social media walls. Through interesting trivia quizzes, exciting polls and insightful stories, among others, one can surely not miss out on the opportunities they can explore with them. Remember, the first step towards innovation begins with imagination.