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How Music affects the Event Experience

November 27, 2019

A French poet once said, “Music is the literature of the heart.”

Musical accompaniments are powerful for any and all kinds of events. Everybody enjoys some genre of music. The right song can get anybody in the right mood. It can set the tone, break or make the event. Whether it’s subtle background music for a conference or a peppy song for a gala dinner, choosing the right tone for the event is essential.

Want to know how music impacts events?


We constantly consume music irrespective of where we are. Most people think of it as pure entertainment. But it has been used very strategically to influence the mood of attendees and event-goers. The right type of music can be potentially profitable for the event. For example, if you have an event where the crowd is going to be young, peppy and energetic, loud, fast-paced music will do the trick. A garden party or a string quartet should have welcoming and calming music. If you want to boost the attendees’ energy, play cheerful and happy music. The goal is to enhance attendee experience. Since music stays planted in the audience’s mind, know the type of event and attendees’ taste in music. Is it an elegant affair, a celebratory dinner or a flea market? Spend enough time to shortlist the music basis your event type.


Music plays a key role in structuring the entire event. You can use music as a signal to wrap up the award show on time or mellow the tempo at a gathering for the attendees to linger around. Based on the set of audience and set of events, try to keep the music in place with the end goal in mind. If it’s an entertainment night, make sure you have a set of genres for all types and kinds of crowd at the party. If it’s a Rewards and Recognition party, music can help you figure out when to rise and step up on the stage, etc. It helps you give alignment to the entire event. It aids with the event’s flow.


Music has always been an integral part of our lives; this is one thing that hasn’t changed even with generations. Obviously, the taste in music has changed with times and that is quite expected. In today’s times, events have started paying more attention to music and entertainment. Big award shows like Grammys have mastered the art of featuring music brilliantly. As many as 60-70% of people find music to play a pivotal role at events. Different kinds of occasions require different genres and styles of music. If it’s a celebratory event, make sure you have enjoyable music for your guests. If it’s a pop-up event, high chances are the demographic will be a young crowd. So accordingly play music and songs to grab the demographics’ attention and give them a great experience. If it’s a networking event, try to ease the music to help attendees converse and get to connect properly without the disturbance of loud music.


Ready-to-access music services make it seem it’s easy and free to use music anywhere as long as you have a subscription. A misconception like this could result in a costly affair. There are a set of licenses required to ensure the smooth running of the event. So, if you are hosting any event in India, you require certain licenses from government bodies.

Listed below are some of the licenses you would need for your event:

PHONOGRAPHIC PERFORMANCE LTD (PPL): Rights for more than 5 lakh songs in Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri and other languages, including films, non-films, ghazals, devotional, folk, classical, etc.

INDIAN PERFORMING RIGHT SOCIETY LTD (IPRS): Issues license to users and collects royalties from them on behalf of authors, composers and publishers who are members of the IPR society.

NOVEX COMMUNICATIONS: An authorized agent for Yash Raj Films, UTV Movies & Shemaroo Entertainment to grant rights to a third party.
Be careful of copyright issues and have the proper licenses for all your events.


Music has a powerful influence when it comes to our emotions, mood, learning abilities and energy levels. By thoroughly understanding how background music affects your event you’ll be able to design an emotionally charged experience that will empower and engage your attendees. Be sure to spend some time to think through as to which type of music is the perfect fit for your next meeting, and then pay attention to the way your audience reacts. Learn what they love and take it from there!