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Great Content Marketing ideas to benefit your Event

February 12, 2018

Generating a strong content marketing campaign for your event is a critical step on the way to safeguarding a sell-out. An event campaign is as unpredictable as it is exciting. Schedule changes are frequent in the lead-up and can impact content planning and output.

Generating strong content to assist your event and communicate information that will trigger excitement in those who already have their tickets and generate a sense of curiosity in those potential ticket buyers.

It is therefore essential to have a plan in place. These few tips will help in making sure that you stay on track to attain your campaign objectives and see the return on investment from your event’s marketing efforts.

Great Content Marketing ideas can benefit you to engage your targeted audiences, improve event attendance, and increase awareness of the event. You can use these 4 great ways to reinforce your pre-event content marketing strategy to get your event started:

1) Right Platform
The content works only when it's done in the right manner, hence it is essential to choose the right platform to publish your content on. Your content piece might fail if it is not seen by the right people, at the right time and all these things depend on your targeted audience.

2) Teasing the Audience -
The idea behind teasing your audience is to generate excitement and engagement to keep them coming back for the same. You can use teaser campaigns and release a short snippet which helps you to maintain the interest of your audience which keeps them for coming more.

3) Give a Sneak Peak -
Get creative, think outside the box and create interest in your content. Make use of visual marketing which can be very beneficial. According to research, 10% of people recall information when compared to 65% of people who see the particular information.

4) Long Tail Optimization-
Research proves that audience is generally interested in local news and info that is about at the national level or something that is about national awareness of an event. Now, this can be beneficial to a certain extent, local marketing may have a greater impact. You can try including long tail keywords depending on location making sure that your content is seen by your targeted audience.