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Five ways to give events a brand personality on social media

August 17, 2018

Acting, especially method acting, is such a revered form, isn’t it? Someone sinking their teeth into the character and taking on the personality, fully and uninhibitedly, is such a treat to watch for the audience. Similarly, brands too take on personas or personalities to make an emotional connect with their target audience. The best of hashtags, a flawless copy and being updated on the latest social media trends can only take you so far; it is pivotal that your premium copy connects with the audience emotionally.

Here, we bring to you five brand personalities that your events can embody on social media and explore the emotions that can be inspired.

Personality Type 1: The Cool Curator:

We all have that know-it-all friend who suffers from the FOMO syndrome; that one friend in the gang who needs to know about all the cool and trending apps. He/she is also the one most of us turn to for cool music and other content recommendations.

The ‘cool curator’ category posts will provide a novel experience and generate excitement by offering:
• Behind-the-scenes and in-the-know details
• Artist or guest speaker sneak peeks
• Breaking industry news

Personality Type 2: The Feel-good Friend

A slightly laidback, witty friend with a good sense of humour is such a boon, isn’t it? We all love to hang out with such a buddy, someone who spots the fun in most situations and lightens things up. If this is your persona too, your social media posts will spell quirk and eccentricity, and will display bright colours and crisp text.
The ‘feel-good friend’ category posts will keep the happiness quotient at a max with:
• Colorful images
• Quirky captions
• Funny GIFs
• Awesome memes
• Motivational quotes

Personality Type 3: The Tempter

Oh, only if we could keep temptation at bay, life would be so simple. The ‘tempter’ friend knows the best eating joints and bars, the most breath-taking locations, probably the best of everything materialistic, tempting you to splurge on something or the other.

The ‘tempter’ category posts will unleash the content glutton in you by offering:

• Gorgeous, high-quality shots of refreshments and libations
• Images and videos of attendees enjoying themselves
• First looks of new vendors or performers at the next event

Personality Type 4: The Innovator

Innovation, ah, what a wonderful term! And, surely, many seek the innovative trait. An innovator friend, whatever medium they may belong to, are quite the trend setters and like executing things in their own unique ways.
Equating this personality with a social media persona, an innovator will always have new ways, different ways, to do things that have been done before and have something completely out-of-the-box as well.

The ‘innovator’ category posts will feed your curiosity with:
• Images and videos from new angles
• Videos capturing unusual situations
• Think tank brimming with quality pieces and articles

Personality Type 5: The Trusted Advisor

The value of quality advice is incomparable, no doubt. And we all have that one friend/acquaintance who is besotted with researching a topic and weighing its pros and cons. We go to this friend for expert advice that comes from their innate wisdom and abundant knowledge. If we had to equate this ‘friend personality’ to an event brand, this would be a thought leader of its genre.

The ‘trusted advisor’ category posts will exude confidence in following ways:
• Give insight on a theme, not just about your event
• Give friendly advice from well-known personalities
• Share “Did you know?” tips

To conclude, once you’ve got your brand personality figured out, it’s time to get into some engaging story telling about your brand on social media.