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Five reasons you should give due importance to event staff clothing

July 31, 2019

This is probably a less-often discussed topic, but event staff clothing is quite crucial to an event’s success. Event staff works in various environments – the event can be large or small scale, indoor or outdoor, fun-centric or a serious conference. And staff clothing will vary depending upon the event type, the weather and tasks the team is expected to perform. When you decide on your team’s clothing consider their safety, remember that they often act as brand ambassadors and most importantly they should be easily identified anywhere across the venue in case of an emergency.

Here are 5 tips on giving due consideration to your event team’s clothing in order to ensure efficiency, safety and an overall positive outcome.

1. Raising brand awareness
Whichever event it may be, the staff involved will be representing a certain company or the related cause. The event staff is practically a walking advertisement for your business. So wouldn’t giving them impactful clothing be a great way to give your brand some grand exposure? Think about the outfit you are going to give the team. The design, style, colour, text, among other things, should help your team stand out at the venue as well as connect with the brand image that is known to the public.

Ok, so speaking of colour, reports suggest that colour is known to increase brand recognition by 80%. So, choose a colour that stands out but isn’t too harsh. Secondly, when it comes to design, keep it simple yet impactful. Also, remember, that your staff could be positioned at various places around the venue and sometimes their backs could be facing the audience. Make sure to have branding at the front and the back of their t-shirts. Think of your event dynamics well; remember that your event is a part of your advertising strategy and you will reap the benefits.

2. Offering attendees a positive experience
Your event team must be easy to spot anywhere across the venue. You never know when an emergency could arise and attendees need to be able to call out for help as quickly as possible. Imagine an attendee being stuck in the midst of 150 people and not knowing which one to go to for help; quite a nightmare, isn’t it? Make sure your event team wears corporate branding clothing and the branding is clearly visible; these guys are the main source of help and guidance. Smiling customers/delegates means they have enjoyed the event and haven’t run into any major discomfort. And this also means that there’s a greater chance they will return at the next edition and maybe with more friends.

3. Ensuring the safety of event staff
Happy employees make for happy customers – never ever forget that! Your event team’s clothing must ensure their safety, as they are immersed in making sure your attendees are taken care of and the event runs smoothly. Event staff spends extended time in all kinds of weather – artificial and natural, so make sure their clothing is comfortable come rain or shine. But, of course, while you take care of comfort you need to sacrifice on the branding part. Make sure to offer layered clothing which can help when temperatures drop as well as kept away if the sun is shining bright at an outdoor event.

4. Nurturing a culture of teamwork
What does uniform do to an army’s psyche? Or what does the same colour jersey do to the mindset of a cricket/football team? Yes, it infuses within them a sense of unity and togetherness. An event team has to work in high-stress environments, with each member having an assigned set of responsibilities. A team that works together must feel that sense of unity and oneness while working in a dynamic event set-up. More importantly, the staff feels more valued when employers have taken the time to select clothing and paid attention to design, material, fit, colour, etc. It helps add smiles to their faces, makes them more productive and thus becomes critical to event success.

5. Improving the team’s efficiency
There are so many things to consider when thinking of an event, and one small but crucial element is the event team’s costume, which is closely connected to the event’s success. The event staff is always on the go and has to be active during their shift. So, comfortable clothing and footwear help them perform their duties efficiently and focus on their jobs, resulting in delivering a successful event.

Like we said before, there are so many factors to keep in mind while planning an event that event team clothing can drop on the list of priorities. Spending money on your event team’s brand clothing is an investment that lifts the team’s morale, enhances brand awareness and delivers immediate as well as long-term positive results. Make sure to add it to your event checklist next time.