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Event Planner’s Guide to Experiential Marketing

August 24, 2017

Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what
you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – And experiential
marketing gives the audience the feel of the brand like nothing else, thus enhancing the brand recall value.

Experiential marketing is a form of live event marketing that engages the audience with the help of a ground activity. The clips of the marketing usually go viral as they create huge excitement for the audience. These sorts of events are usually held in public places to create the commotion.

There are times when one can get confused about experiential marketing and its effectiveness for various brands. Considering the brand, target audience and budget, there are few important things one needs to keep in mind. Here we give you everything that one needs to know about becoming successful for creating experiential marketing campaigns for their events.

1. Traffic:
As the saying goes - The more, the merrier. As an event planner, you have to focus more on the areas that will fetch maximum footfalls. The number of people is directly proportional to the participation of the people. Time is limited and hence you have to take help of experiential email marketing, advertisements to build the buzz and energy of the event.

2. Activity:
You need to have an active component for better results. It is all about driving engagement with the audience and keeping your audience engrossed in the activity.

3. Branding:
You want the audience to know who is behind all the experiential marketing, or else it won’t be a branding exercise and at the end of the day all the planning would end unsuccessfully.

4. Video:
When participants capture it on video and share it to the various social media platform that is a good sign of experiential marketing event. For more effective and relevancy, you need to have good quality footage and one must ensure that they do it themselves.

Social media is a very good place for an essential campaign. People are likely to share it with you, but sharing it with your audience will only help you build momentum, get people talking and also helpful for those who weren’t present at the event.

One of the successful Experiential Marketing Event we did was for Sony Pix for the branding of the channel. A contest was conducted in various cities to test the knowledge of the audience on Hollywood movies and special trivia. In Mumbai, the event was held at the well-known Inorbit Mall in Malad and Shopper’s Stop outlet in Juhu. This event received an overwhelming response from the audience, thus making it a hit show.