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Event Management Apps – The secret to a smooth event experience

September 21, 2018

We live in a modernised world where the power of digital platforms has taken over the offline modes with regards to overall management of an event. Be it a big conference, a year-end sales meet, or just an agenda setting session, digital platforms help event managers supervise the A to Z of an event at the touch of their fingers, literally!

One such innovation is the event app designed exclusively to cater to all the needs of a particular occasion. The success of any event majorly depends on the experience of your attendees. From the moment they enter your settings until they leave the venue, an event app ensures that every part of their journey is hassle-free. But how? Here’s what you need to keep in mind...

1- One app, multiple operations

An event app is your one-stop destination to keep track of all the happenings at your event. From managing the sales of your event ticketing to customer assistance to reselling of tickets or refunding in terms of cancellation, an event app helps one keep track of all entry-related operations. Having dedicated digital and technical teams to assist ensures your event takes off on a profiting note.

2- Detailed agenda

Whether you are planning a 3-day event or a 1-day event with multiples activities, a detailed agenda can just help your attendees stay updated with all the sessions happening around you at the tip of your fingers. All your updates (videos, images, texts) and communications related to the event can be updated here in a whisker of time.

3- Content distribution – anytime, anywhere

Instant content distribution is the best way to share all important communications that are being discussed at any event. From power point presentations to scanned documents to minutes of meetings to preview reports, etc., all the content that needs to be spread can be uploaded digitally and accessed any time by your attendees on their mobile phones.

4- Interactive polls

Interactive polls are the best way to engage your attendees with some interesting and engaging participation. Knowing their feedback, asking their views and preferences for an upcoming event, these polls are the perfect way to keep your attendees updated about the happenings at all times and most importantly study about their likes and interests in detail.

5- Push notifications

Push notifications is one of the best ways to remind your attendees about the latest sessions, send real-time updates in the most creative manner and upload posts that can increase active participation of your attendees at the time of the event.
Event management apps in today’s world play the perfect equivalent to a digital assistant. You can design them as per your requirements and let your attendees enter a world of eventful experiences you have in store for them.