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Easy Guide to Event Planning

November 2, 2017

Whether you're a newbie as an event planner or in the event management field, or just thinking about a career in the field, it all comes to making decisions or finding the best ways to do things. You won't have years of experience to fall back on, which is why you may fall back in some places. So in this blog, we give you tools and templates to use which would help you work at the same level as your more experienced colleagues. In the list below we have compiled seven crucial elements to help out new event planners and catch up with the speed with their role.

1. Discovering great ideas:
Do you ever wonder how come up with some people with good ideas all the time? Discovering great ideas will show you their secret and how you can apply it in several different situations so you will have a great event idea in your bag.

2. Event plan creation:
With just one proper event plan, you can get your whole team taking you in the same direction and result in achieving all your goals. With this, you will have an inclusive strategy for a winning event every time.

3. Budgeting basics:
Get a proper handle on what you're spending and manage costs like a pro. The budgeting for any event is just a projection of the income and expenditure that will incur to the event which is basically on plans made and information that has been collected.

4. Budget template and Event marketing template:
To avoid any disturbance, you have to maintain a budget template. It basically helps you to plan and track the expenses incurred for any event. You can download any free event budget template available on the internet. Just like this, event marketing template would help you to create successful promotional campaigns and sell out events.

5. Using Productivity tools:
In this event industry, you need to work smarter and not harder. If you follow this simple rule, you can get more done efficiently. If you are into event planning, you too know that your time will always be the most precious asset and you cannot afford to lose any.

6. Selling tickets online:
You are just starting to sell tickets online; there are many things that would get easier for you. For instance, reduced calls, paperwork, and staffing needs; Increase ticket sales by selling tickets 24/7; Create branded tickets and webpage for ticket sales; Set discount codes by an event and many such things.

In conclusion, if you are an aspiring event planner, or you have found yourself as an ‘event manager' for an event in the company you have just found your guide to event planning.