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Dos and Don’ts of Attendee Comfort

August 3, 2018

The success of any event profoundly depends on your attendee’s experience during the event and one such department that surely tops the list is the seating arrangement for the attendees. Since old times, comfort at any event or gathering is indirectly synonymous with concentration.

In short, being uncomfortable is distracting and changes the focus of the experience. So what can we do to maintain the focus and concentration of our attendees? Here we list a few dos and don’ts one must know when planning a seating arrangement for its attendees.

1. Have a table attached or aligned to the side of the chair:

Having a table top attached to chairs or even placing them next to the chair holds a significant importance. From using it to place laptops to getting a perfect position to note down important bullet points in a note pad, table top chairs ensure your attendees stay focused with ease and comfort.

2. Customise their comfort:

You can’t just have low soft chairs as tall people might end up with their knees up high, nor can you have complete high chairs as short people might end up with dangling legs. While lumber support does play a crucial role, having different types of seats at your event will not only avoid attendees leaving early but also hike up their interest to reach the event to get their preferred seating.

3. Difference does make a difference

Your attendees just can’t sit in one position throughout the event; a change in positioning is evident but if you don’t provide enough space between two chairs, they may have no option but stay stuck in a very discomforting position. An ideal space of 2” between chairs should be there to avoid any unintentional contact.

1. Make them comfortable not sleepy:

While you wish to make the seating comfortable, try not going overboard. Avoid bean bags or extremely soft cushioned sofas, as they might hinder their focus on the event and make it more of a snoozing session.

2. Avoid chairs in circles
This especially plays a significant role when you have a meeting with a closed or certain set of people. Women, especially wearing skirts always struggle for a perfect position (both cross legged and straight legs might be awkward) throughout the event. Speaking of men, they might go for a seating position where men sit with wide legs open with little consideration that they may be encroaching upon others’ personal space. This is also an indirect signification of dominance.

3. Never ever compromise on quality of furniture:

While a few things can be a little here and there, one thing that must never be left to chance is the quality of the furniture. Ensure all your chairs and tables are quality checked as one bad or unpleasant experience might be the only trigger for negative word of mouth activity.