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Chatbots: A great strategy for Digital Marketing

October 6, 2017

Marketing on the internet is regularly growing with the foundation of innovative and disruptive technology. Now, this technology is the latest trend that is booming in the industry and has captured the attention of marketers. The main reason is all behind social media platforms which are used to promote their brands.

Now, Chatbots are used to grab the attention of the customers which has been quite successful for the brands. The best example can be given which is done by Yatra.com, India’s leading online travel portal. The feature was launched last year on their Facebook where the customers are able to book tickets, send their queries, and it also enables travelers to talk to the sellers in real time. This also makes Yatra the very first online travel portal to have a feature like this. Similarly, a famous pizza place, Pizza Hut also uses chatbot which helps to receive food orders for their delivery. The customers can order, get suggestions for pizza, and also enjoy pizza with the chatbot.

This new feature helps the digital marketers to reach out to the audience to the respective brands. Apart from that Chatbots are also mobile-optimised mostly which guarantees customer satisfaction! Now imagine if we combine this with social media analytics and creativity they would make a great add-on to a brand’s digital marketing.