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Ways to Lure Event Attendees to Exhibition Booths

October 9, 2017

Are you still not sure how to get the delegates visiting the booths at an exhibition? Well, you literally physically can’t drag them around, right? Exhibitors need to engage the event attendees more and create a better experience for them. Moreover, they need to deliver value.
Any event professionals’ role should be the same that is they need to work on how to tackle issues. An event professional can run communication campaigns to improve the engagement and provide ways to step up in getting traffic of attendees, rather than leaving it up to them. Listed below are few tips/ tactics where you could concentrate on increasing the attendees to your exhibition booth.

1. Competitions
One of the most adopted and badly exploited ways to increase the footfall at exhibitions is adding competitions or contests. It is only effective when competitions or contests are held when they come together with the product and/or services. It should communicate the USP of what is being promoted. For instance when they offer their product/service as rewards, are the best. Now, this is the best way to maintain the value of the product/ service’s core value.

2. Photo Booth
Taking pictures and posting them online is literally trending more than you can imagine, but one is required to make an impression too through the pictures that they post. By this, you get a fun way to engage with your event attendees and send them away with something that they remember the event for a long time. At times, the event planner may or may not hire a professional photographer to operate the photo booth because it becomes expensive for them as well as the client.

3. Social Ads
Social advertising is another great way to obtain a competitive advantage. This also secures prime real estate in the event series. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are perfect examples for this. Even a random hashtag used for an exhibition can take over Twitter, like #TheLilFlea. This gives an immediate idea of how hashtags are used to get the attention of the crowd. Advertisements on Twitter can help to gain traffic by these social ads.

4. Customer Service
After the emergence of the Twitteraties, customer service has literally dropped down or is offered very rarely. There are very fewer exhibitions which are committed to providing customer service over social media. This makes a striking opportunity to assist attendees at the event. Information about the flow of the event, WiFi services and education programs are just a few things that Twitter focuses more on and this is how the brand gets the recognition.

5. Charity Giving
Charity is one another point which takes more focus of the audience. This donation to charities gives an amazing recommendation. A donation immediately shifts the audiences’ perceptions and attitudes towards the brand.

6. Product Sample
Giving away your product/ services as a complimentary gift is the best thing that the event attendees like most and majority exhibitors adopt this tactic. Meeting the customers face to face is a unique opportunity as they get to get to touch and feel your product. This is also how it helps you to modify or make changes in your product/services. For instance, giving away 2 months subscription for a magazine that you are selling at the exhibition.

7. Building Pre-Event Hype
An exhibition is the best place to grab the opportunities to gain new customers. But most companies still ignore the future of engaging with existing clients. There are very fewer brands that use this opportunity to engage with their new and existing audience. As a brand one has to make sure that the customers know that you will be available there and the activities that you will be conducting. This makes it easier during the show to recognize and raise your message. Eg: The J franchise is one great recent example. They kept their social media activity; this keeps the existing customers and new customers updated about the food joint’s new franchise.

At the end of the day, getting attendees to exhibition stands is a difficult task. It takes a lot of creativity, really smart communication skills and awareness about the technology. The few tips or tactics mentioned above will be helpful for those event profs who are inclined towards helping their exhibitors.