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8 personalized ways to treat your VIPs with luxury

November 13, 2019

Events are all about offering attendees an experience that stays in their minds for long. And speaking of experiences, every event, irrespective of the scale, has a few special guests a.k.a. the VIPs. They are the makers or breakers of your event. In this blog, we cover 10 ways in which you can make them feel special through gifts, experience, and many more marketing ideas.

1. Establish the perfect start through personal concierge services

VIP concierge services have been incredibly unique and effective for important guests. From guest arrival and onsite transportation to key reservations, having a personal concierge will ensure that your guests have a smooth and hassle-free stay.

2. Provide the right tools for seamless networking

VIP guests always like to network, online and offline. While offline they can use their interpersonal skills to acquire more acquaintances, but in the virtual world they look for options that help them keep their devices charged and connected. If you’re playing big on budget, a portable Wi-Fi works best. However, if you like to keep it simple and minimalistic, you can gift them portable chargers or power banks.

3. Design a pre-event show exclusively for VIPs

A VIP experience is all about going the extra mile and offering something complimentary. Give them a sneak-peak into what’s in store, prior to the event, through a pre-event byte. Make it more personalized by offering one-on-one sessions with your guest speakers and an elite get together specially designed for the classes. To personalize it further, you can have an entire closed group where only VIPs can interact. Keep this group only invite-based and provide industry live sessions where experts can exchange knowledge and ideas.

4. Delight their taste buds through a special VIP menu

You can offer a delightful gastronomical experience to your VIP attendees by transforming the F&B space. It is crucial to understand their eating preferences in advance and design your menu that delights their senses. Get a renowned chef on board just for the VIPs. You can even have the chef stay near the serving tables where he/she can share their experiences and some interesting facts or stories while making the dish.

5. Let your industry influencers mingle with your VIPs

The technique, though old school, always works. Your VIPs are individuals who take out special time to attend your event and take every session seriously, especially your industry speakers. Let them have an intimate round table conference (albeit a small one), where they can sit as a group and have a quick brainstorming session. The VIPs can even clear a few doubts and queries related to the specific topic that the speaker has mastered.

6. Upgrade their VIP experiences for free on instant ticket booking.

Discounts, early bird sale, free upgrades are some of the fascinating offers that will enhance their overall experiences and influence them to come back next year. You can even store their card details and let your team do the rest while they enjoy your event.

7. Personalize and customize giveaways with a handwritten note

Every VIP has a story behind their association with the brand. Bring out those special touchpoints and weave in the nostalgic storytelling. From how your relation started with them to messages that they have written for your brand to special incidents, a personal touch always adds to the EQ and makes them feel special.

8. Offer valet parking or design a special ride stop for them

Make sure you offer valet parking or have cab and auto drivers active near your event venue. You can go the extra mile and have those without cars dropped home as a complimentary service. The objective is to treat VIPs with the utmost comfort and not have them waste too much time in traveling.