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7 tips to promote your venue on social media

June 19, 2019

The event venue business is one of the most profitable yet a mighty tricky business in the event industry today. It does not matter which type of venue (conference room, warehouses, ballrooms or even a stadium) you operate, promoting it through social media may sound easy on papers, but in general requires a detailed study about your goals, objectives and, most importantly, the audience. With an in-depth analysis of these factors, you need to devise a strategy that proves to be a winning factor and gives you an edge over your competitors.

We list 7 necessary tips in creating the ideal strategy for promoting your venue on social media.

1. Let your social media be an image and relationship builder for your brand
Your social media platform is not your sales page. Apart from trying to sell your product, also focus on creating a reliable image of your brand in front of your targeted customers and clients. Posting event pictures, videos, infographics, blogs, articles, etc., will add credibility to your brand positioning, especially in front of your prospective clients.

2. Storytelling is the new art of branding
There’s no denying the fact that storytelling in the last half a decade has proven to be vital in any form of branding. Firstly, visual messaging is clearly more engaging and leads to higher traction than just a text. Secondly, storytelling creates more room for depicting experiences creatively. It helps your clients explore innumerable possibilities that are feasible at your venue.

3. You’re NOT A ROBOT and neither are your social media channels
If you think posting on social media channel gets the job done, think again. We're posting regular social media updates is one of the key elements in promoting your brand digitally, it is equally important to make it interactive. Replying to comments, taking proper feedback and backing up with the right messaging helps in garnering extra attention and make your brand stand out.

4. Blog proactively
A blog is a mere reflection of the type of work you do and is capable of performing with proper resources. It not only portrays your brand identity but also gives a detailed insight into the work ideology you follow while executing events. Post-event vlogs and meaningful listicles to engage your audience through productive social media plans.

5. Testimonials are a must
Though in the age of digital media, what clearly holds an upper hand in marketing is the word of mouth publicity of your brand/venue. Let your client post their honest feedback on various multimedia social platforms. Testimonials are one way through which you can target your prospective clients. Not only they are genuine but also help you understand the client thoroughly and attain more accuracy while executing events with them in future.

6. Do a strategy recap, often
Don’t leave it till the end or else you might be left with way too much to revise. Social media marketing is always evolving and what might work today may result in a disaster tomorrow. It is very important to keep a check on the strategies you implement. Make sure you boost what’s working for you and tweak what requires revisions.

7. Establish your handle name
Unless your name is way too hard to pronounce or remember, handle name should remain untouched. Keywording complemented with search history plays a vital role in social media marketing. Keeping your handle static or just changing it a little will make your organic searching much easier for end users.

Venue marketing just doesn’t happen overnight. It requires years of proper planning and constructive execution. With proper tools and a hardworking team, build your empire one brick at a time. Stay authentic with your words and back them with your actions. That’s the law of marketing and shall remain the same for a long time.