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6 Ways to Impress Event Attendees

August 17, 2017

Like Michael Sheen quotes, “If someone has an ability to impress an audience
there's a tendency to be tempted into doing just that.” – And when it comes to pleasing
the people attending the event, the event planner must ensure that they have a time of their life. It can either be by socializing or enjoying the event. If you have ever conducted an event, you too will agree that it takes a lot of efforts and tedious planning to make an event successful. It is also a myth that only big events can make the attendees happy. If any event planner focuses on few points, the audience is sure to be happy and satisfied. Here we give you 6 point how you can have a lasting impression on your attendees.

1- Network
If you give a chance to attendees, they get plenty of networking opportunities. Networking can help the attendees to create connections which would be long lasting and beneficial for years to come. The guests attending the event will also remember people who they met. Networking is one aspect which will help them to boost up their business, get new leads and opportunities. This means that you have successfully satisfied the attendees.

2- Reward Loyalty
With all the growing competition and new brands seeking attention, rewards are one thing that will keep your loyal attendees and followers happy. Be certain that you don’t give your loyal attendees a reason to think about your competitors. Make them happy by offering exclusive discounts and schemes; give them early bird offers, run competition to keep their attention towards you.

3- Communicate
Like they say one should express their ideas and views clearly, confidently and concisely, it should be the same with your attendees. Make sure that you communicate with your attendees and keep them updated. Social media presence is equally important to reach and show your existence as attendees don’t usually read the information which results unsuccessfully. Keeping the message crisp and clear will help the attendees to absorb the news easily.

4- Care
Show that you care for your attendees and you have got all their attention. Get to know them, ask their problems/ query and to it appropriately. Make polls, surveys, take an opportunity to talk to them about themselves and show that everything is not just business. Listening is the best way where you can show that you care and are certainly happy with their feedback that they give. By asking the right questions at the right time, it can help you apart from your competitors.

5- Free Products
Who doesn’t get enjoy free stuff? It makes everyone happy, don’t they? With that being said, at the time we hope that we had the budget to give the latest gadget to every attendee, but that’s next to impossible. Instead of a hi-tech gadget, the attendees could get merchandised gift as a momentum. Don’t you think it makes it more interesting? By this, the mood of the people attending the event will also lighten up and would feel better.

6- Use Tech
You are living under a stone if you don’t take the advantage of the growing technology. With new technology, you have the ability to enhance attendees’ event experience and make them happy. Not just happy but this will also make lives easier. It is not necessary to have a big budget; you could make the attendees happy by just providing them free WiFi.