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6 Tips to Choose an Efficient Event Vendor

November 20, 2017

Like Winston Churchill quoted, “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential", this is very much applicable for event planners too. They usually have a large network which contains vendors and suppliers in the industry. Now, these vendors and suppliers can make your event or break your event, no matter how good reviews your event concepts are. But a majority of event managers, give their work to vendors with whom they have good connections with over the years.

However, there would be a point where you need to look for a new vendor which is not really easy as ultimately they are somehow a part of your team. Here we give you 6 tips on how to choosing the best event vendors for your event:

1. Use referrals:
This is one good way to find new vendors from your existing vendors, other planners or clients. You get to know how their experience was working with the vendor. It's easier to trust a new vendor if you hear good remarks from your known people.

2. Quality of the work:
Giving a small portion of work start to your new vendors gives you the ability to judge their capabilities. You would also come to know how much time they take to complete a given task and also the quality of work that they do. Check if they can cope with the given deadlines and standards of working.

3. Comparison of costs:
Different vendors give you different costing. Few vendors might give you the same service at a reduced cost, but then you would have to compromise with the quality of the work which they provide you. For this, you could understand their work by seeing the samples first and then you could start working with them.

4. Payment terms:
The most important factor is to clarifying the payment terms with new vendors. They should also know the terms and conditions of your company no matter how rigid or flexible they are. For instance, there have been situations where you promised something to a client and the vendor couldn't deliver the requirement.

5. Knowing the specifics:
When your vendor has more knowledge than you then you know you have found a perfect vendor. To check that one could make a whole list of specifications and put together suggestions to know what they have to offer.

6. Trust factor:
There are times when you have to blindly trust your new suppliers, and it sure does take time to build the trust factor with your entire existing database. And once you get the trust in your new vendor, it will surely be worth taking risks with them.