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5 Ways to Ensure Event Engagement

March 13, 2018

Event management is an exhilarating and fast paced industry growing prodigiously; it’s passionately driven by enthusiastic people. We know the amount of effort that goes into arranging an event. This bustling industry of Event Management is sure to give you an adrenaline rush, but it’s also going to test you at every step. The hardest of them all is to ensure that your Event has the maximum engagement!

We have listed down five ways to ensure event engagement below:

1- Create Hashtags: Making use of unique hashtags is an initial step of identification. It’s imperative for your event to have a hashtag, as that creates the impressions and interactive comprehensively on social media. Make sure your hashtag is situated on each of the collateral of your event. The visibility of your hashtag can lead to impressive numbers of engagement, sometimes more than you expected.

2- Engage Influencers: It is important to reach out and engage with Influencers on social media. They have a wider reach and are far more powerful. Engaging an influencer with your event directly allows you to connect with their community and convey them about your event. Make sure your Influencers know how much you appreciate their involvement.

3- Creative Designing of Your Event: Ever been on Instagram and scrolled through alluring images of scenic beauties around the world, the architecture, and mouth-watering images of food? These photos probably rule the social media world solely because they’re eye pleasing and blissful in their own ways. Make sure the best images related to your event make the cut and you upload them on your website. We all know that pictures speak a thousand words, portray the best to reach out to your audiences.

4- Create Contests and Giveaways: Contests and giveaways can help companies rapidly scale and promote their event in an entertaining way. Engage people with your events theme or a Q&A can help you find some organic content for your event!

5- Continue even after it ends: Event planners know that the excitement of an overwhelming event will last for at least a couple of days even after it’s ended. Take advantage of this buzz by posting photos, boomerangs or videos the very next day on your event pages; make sure you communicate the same with your guests.'

Make sure in using these ways creatively to have a ball of time!