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5 technology tips every brand must follow to reach customers

January 15, 2019

The use of technology isn't a niche anymore. In the race to increase their reach and visibility to its customers, every brand is eyeing technology and social media tools for boosting their communication.

Based on the study and experiences happening around the world, these are the 5 tips, we thought, every brand must follow in regards to using technology to reach its customers:

1. Watch out for trending influencers:
Brands shouldn't be afraid of using influencers for their products. With the rise of social media brands such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, influencers play a vital role in moulding the thinking of a certain set of audiences. With billions to choose from, it's very important for brands to select an influencer that caters to their target group. Being more genuine and reliable in their communication, it's equally important to convey your message in its purest form. Let them add to your messaging and not dictate their own terms.

2. Understand the dynamics of each and every platform:
It is very important to alter the communication as per the dynamics of each and every platform. Having a single communication floating across every media platform would result in limited access to your target group. This eventually hampers the action-oriented deliverables expected through your digital advertising campaigns. Use every brand to its full potential through a detailed study of your target group along with the knowledge of a platform’s behaviour. While platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn cater to a bit older audience, Snapchat and Instagram are centred more towards the youth.

3. Use Live streaming ‘more often than always’:
Gone were the days when one had to worry about booking a venue that brings together the entire target group at one destination. Live video streaming is the new art of virtual conferences where a group of speakers with a series of attendees can connect with millions around the world through a single hyperlink. Being economical in cost and wider in reach, live streaming has already taken the event industry by storm and is expected to become one of the major tools of technological necessity especially in conferences that connect larger groups.

4. Derive action through your social media content:
Your brand content on social media is nothing but a reflection of the ideology you follow at your work. While sales remain one of the major agenda of every campaign, the messaging shouldn’t deviate from creating memorable experiences for the target group. Strike a perfect balance between generating sales and crafting experiences for the attendees through creative activities. Let your brand’s style reflect in each and every communication and ensure it matches with the target group’s lifestyle as well.

5. Create unimaginable experiences through AR and VR:
AR and VR open doors for attendees to not only witness but soak in the experiences any brand has to offer. Weaving imaginative stories through creative campaigns, complemented with cutting-edge technologies, aimed at creating a world where attendees get a chance to explore the fantasy in real and end up with experiences that last for a lifetime. Moreover, making them a part of your activity encourages engagement of the attendees and triggers an emotional connection between them and your brand/products.