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5 reasons event planners should embrace technology to stay ahead

October 2, 2019

Like every other industry, the event industry too has abundant technology at its disposal. Event planners who are a bit reluctant to embrace technological advances tend to waste time and create stressful situations for them. There is no way anyone can or will stop building on technological innovations. Although at first, new technology seems complicated (of course because it is new and is a learning process in itself), once you learn how it works it can be mighty useful at events. Most importantly, to be relevant and running in a competitive industry, event planners must build real quality around their brand and one way to do that is to seriously consider digital solutions.

Here are our five reasons why adopting latest and trending technologies is crucial for an event’s success.

a. It is here to stay

Event technology has proven to be a true game-changer and is here to stay. So, it makes absolute sense for event planners to use these technologies to offer a stellar event experience. The rate at which these technologies upgrade, if you miss out on using them it gives the competitors an easy chance to go ahead. And nobody aims for that, do they?

b. The world of technology is a Pandora’s box

There are a plethora of technological options to choose from and the right mix and match can help you save time, reduce stress and result in a spectacle of an event. Using a quality event management system gives you access to several tools in one go. Select what suits your event type best and deliver an engaging experience to your attendees.

c. Helps put event strategy in place

Your event may be a magnum opus or a small conference, there has to be a strategy in place for it. When you use a robust event management system, it gives you the freedom to put all areas in sync and achieve the big goal. Also, it helps you up your game and take better strategic decisions.

d. An intelligent interface at your disposal

As well known, DATA IS KING! So, make sure to use different KPIs for collecting information, evaluating your audience’s preferences and make decisions accordingly. If you were to handle data manually, it is going to be nothing short of a nightmare. So, invest in the right event management system and get access to an intelligent interface that gives you useful insights.

e. Boosting attendee experience

Data may be king, but CUSTOMER IS EMPEROR! The experience your attendees have is important, no doubt! Because it is going to decide the success quotient of your event and also give you a heads-up on what you should and should not do at the next edition. So, make sure to use technology at the most relevant touchpoints to offer them a great experience.

Remember, technology is here to stay and there is just too much to choose from. So, study the options well, analyze and understand what your event needs and make sure to create a great event.