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5 Free Ways to Market Your Event Planning Business

January 15, 2018

When most event planners think about promoting their event business, they think about costly advertising they can’t afford. The goal of selling is to extend whole recognition. Prospective shoppers tend to get services from brands they acknowledge. Therefore the key to promoting is to form a captivated audience, who can sooner or later become your future customers.

As you develop your event coming up with business, it's important to plug so as to grow your client base. Following are five concepts for advertising and promoting your event planning business without burning a hole in your pocket:

1) Networking:
Networking is at the top of the list in terms of developing a strong client base for most of the event planners. It can help your business to grow in two ways. Firstly, if people known to you are aware of the services that you offer, then there are chances that they may refer business to you and use your service themselves. Moreover, networking helps you to associate with people whose services you may require as you plan your next events.

2) Advertising:
Advertising can be done through various ways. Print advertising can be done for free or in a less expensive manner. Most of the event planners find listing their business in various portables very much suitable now mostly because it’s free of cost. Nowadays, social media is also used as a source to medium to sell anything. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter help audiences to grow, you just need to stay creative to keep your audience connected.

3) Business card:
Giving out business cards is the oldest and the coolest marketing tool. Even in the digital age, a professional business card is used widely. Many event planners choose a digital brochure cum business-card than a traditional business card, while a business card remains handy which can be tucked in a wallet or purse. Professional brochures technically assist you to have a professional planner. Potential clients will come to a conclusion about your business based on the brochure, which is why it's developed and presented at the highest level possible.

4) Direct mail:
Direct mailing can be helpful to distribute your brochure. All you have to do is make sure that your mailing list is chosen carefully. Successful and famous event planner, David Granger says that mailing lists are more effective advertising than using word of mouth.

5) Customer service:
Keeping your customers satisfied is an important factor if you want them to keep on coming back. The existing clients come back to lookout for new ideas, options and effective ways to improve the service to provide.