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5 Essential Time-saving Hacks for Event Professionals

January 22, 2018

Despite all the technological advances we have had over the past century, nobody has found the simplest way to extend the number of hours in a day, nor have they discovered the way to freeze time once you’re on a quickly approaching deadline. Owing to this, we need to learn about time management and hacks to utilize the time. While most folks do the best to leave a transparent separation between their personal and professional lives, here is the list of productivity hacks to help you make the most of your day and a little easier.

1. Plan your schedule:
Take a minute to plan out your day from start to the end. You can utilize the time while you are commuting or make a priority list in your mind when you begin your day. Without such pre-planning, you are likely to start in reactive mode dealing with the squeakiest wheel.

2. Keep stationary handy:
Keep a notebook or mobile application handy with yourself to capture your ideas and to-do items. It helps you to review your day at the end of the day and also your previous works. With the help of a mobile application, you get a task list and appointments all at one time. This helps you to get organized and make your day more productive.

3. Manage your time:
Make a proper schedule for your day, from meetings to your other personal chores. If you take up a task or project in an open-ended block of time, there are possibilities that you might just stretch the project longer. Instead, give an estimate time track to your day; this gives a sense of urgency. For instance, you can text instead of getting on a calling for little explanation wherever required.

4. Distribute your work:
Delegate everything apart from what you are good at. Regardless of how much time you work at the event, if you distribute your work and let someone else handle something for you, the activity is done far better. While on the other hand, you can focus more on what requires your attention, if you are in a higher position.

5. Take a break:
Allow yourself to enjoy quiet and relaxation. You can manage to keep few things aside for few moments every day. For instance, you can attain this by taking a stroll at your event and checking with a calm mind what is missing or listen to those who are in need of help because when your brain is quiet and at ease, you tend to solve the problem easily and faster.