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5 engaging ways to excite your attendees with event signage

September 25, 2019

Event signage is a very straightforward mode used for assisting your attendees at the venue. While some might not realize its presence, their absence can lead to attendee management to become chaotic. The signage, however, need not necessarily be restricted to directions and utilities.

While it proves helpful for attendees to navigate through the event venue, as an event planner, it is a golden opportunity to promote your brand, and in the best way, your sponsors. Let’s take a dig at how your event signage can not only be informative but creative, impactful and memorable as well.

1. Organize a detailed venue layout walkthrough
A layout plan is an event executed on paper. It gives you scope for a lot of options to innovate and enhance the attendee experience. Once you are done with shortlisting the venue and drafting the plan, it’s very important to organize a detailed walkthrough. Doing that will ensure you place the perfect signage at the perfect spot. Moreover, it also gives you the time to look for obvious pathways that lead to your venue and put up your posters.
Factors like readability while your attendees are moving, the font size along with the creative layout, and what areas are or will be covered, etc., must be addressed in the walkthrough. Any loophole can result in confusing or frustrating the attendees during the event.

2. Make them creative yet impactful
Gone are the days when event signage was only used for helping with directions. Brands in the form of sponsors are sticking to the theme of the event and never fail to limit themselves in using outdoor and indoor signage for promoting themselves. The idea is in understanding the need/want of the attendees and infusing it perfectly with your products or brand philosophy. Ways like stair branding, wall branding or hanging signage with perfect texts are enough to make heads turn twice.

3. Personalize band stage banners and backdrop stands
Personalizing the band stage banners is a perfect way to promote a special product, sponsor, event, or even a performer. Having clear visibility, they are certainly one of the most eye-catching spots at your venue and can be seen in most of the event photos. Using it to your advantage, you can promote a very special message, an iconic performance or even the agenda of your event. To ensure it stays intact, try using the best of the quality while planning its execution.

4. Experiment with almost every signage
Event signage in the past decade has seen maximum growth in terms of innovative and creative utilization. Graffiti walls, furniture branding, script balloons, the list is long. With relevant information and out-of-the-box concepts, they truly can be a standout at your event. For a night event, LED or neon symbols or creative hashtag cut-outs even makes them a perfect spot for a photo opportunity.

5. A social media wall is a must
Step right up and strike a pose, share with everyone and there goes another upload. Social media is the most powerful tool of socializing with everyone from any part of the globe. With options like live sharing, status updates, stories, people don’t fail to miss out on any chance to share their experience with their friends and followers. Use this to your advantage and tie-up with these social media platforms to create more action at your events. Nine out of 10 people own a smartphone today and seven of them must be on social media platforms. You can create your event hashtag and use it when appropriate to market your event.

The definition of event signage continues to change with every passing age. With technology at events being the next big wig, mixing them with creative concepts and strong messaging creates a great opportunity to generate revenue and put across your brand communication, respectively. Be precise with your event objective and let the entire messaging revolve around it through signage to make a massive impact.