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5 crucial steps you must follow while mentoring industry talent

April 17, 2019

What according to you is the reason behind a successful team? Is it hard work? Is it passion? Motivation, discipline, you name it; a lot of ingredients go into making a successful team. The real ingredient lies in the will, the urge to be a better version of yourself with each passing day. Speaking of each day, events as an industry has been evolving drastically and it’s very important to invest in talent that stays hungry regarding surpassing their own standards. Now, this might sound very cliché, but the fact remains that a discovery or innovation today takes no time to become tomorrow’s ‘what next’. So, how do you find the right team and mentor it to advance in an industry where competition is growing exponentially. We list down 5 crucial factors that might help. Read on to know more…

1. Experience is the best story:
Being a part of such a dynamic industry, no experience is as good or as educational as field experience. Where it is very important to be aware of a few basic know-how, the major focus should be on live storytelling that happened during the event. Every occasion is different and throws its very own challenges at you. Share experiences that are not only relatable for your subordinates but also help them become more solution-oriented with trending and on-spot solutions.

2. Inspiration isn’t restricted to boardrooms:
There lies a very thin line between sharing wisdom and being proud of your knowledge. I can guide you is wisdom; only I can guide you is arrogance. Let your mentees be open towards gaining knowledge. Let this be a vice-versa process and not one-way traffic. Doing this would not only make you a good leader but also a person people will turn to for an unbiased perspective in every situation.

3. The more they read the more they learn:
In a modernized world where information is at the touch of our fingers, it’s always helpful to stay updated about the latest trends and current affairs through constructive reading and analysis. Events being a dynamic industry, it is also a very creative and exploratory field and inspiration could come from anywhere. Set an example by encouraging them to inherit reading as a habit through articles, blogs and podcasts in their free time. This will help them hone their imagination and come up with ground-breaking concepts in professional as well as personal life.

4. Make learning a two-way process:
It’s not how much you know but how much you can learn. Speaking of that, it’s very normal to ask for some guidance on a specific topic from your mentees. Some quick brainstorming sessions or even a one-on-one discussion over lunch on a topic that your subordinates might be more pro at could help you stay more updated and at the same time gain valuable insights.

5. Make sure they are always heard:
It’s not just the hard work that makes an organization successful but the people working in it. We live in the 21st century where very flexible and free-flowing work culture is certainly what an organization looks to imbibe in their values. As a mentor, it’s equally important to import those values in your approach system. Your mentees should never be afraid to voice their opinion, ask questions and clear their doubts at any given time. Maintain a healthy business relationship with them to a point where they never have to stay hesitant when seeking genuine advice.

A team is what his/her mentor wants it to be. The team of talented professionals isn’t just created overnight. Invest a good amount of productive time in them, professionally as well as personally. Create a workplace where they want to work rather than having to. And mentoring this way, you will always inspire your team members to stay motivated and foster improvement in every endeavour.