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4 Easy and Powerful Ways to Promote Your Fundraiser

January 29, 2018

Fundraising events are very common and famous as it collects a huge amount of money for a particular organization but at the very same moment fundraisers are costly and very time-consuming. The success of any fundraiser depends on the way you promote your fundraiser.
One needs to strongly focus on strong strategic promotion. Here we list down few easy ways to promote your fundraiser without costing you a fortune.

1. Plan a strategic Email marketing:
In recent times, email marketing is still the core of any event promotion plan. Your audience needs to be reminded and heard about your fundraiser numerous times. It is suggested that one should send at least three types of mailers mainly event announcement which reveals the date of the event, event reminder which highlights the main attractions of the fundraiser, and the last mail which gives a sense that the event is going about to start. All such emails are supposed to be short and sweet.

With the growing technology and use of mobile devices, the templates that are used in the emailers are suggested to be more mobile responsive which makes it easier for people to RSVP on their devices.

2. Encompass your reach with social media:
The algorithms of all the Social media have now become more firm restricting the number of audiences you can reach on most channels. These days, people focus more on visual content and it has been now proved that it works really best on channels like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Live video and Instagram Story helps to make the event gain more footfalls.

3. Amplify your promotion:
Event promotion is always a team effort; responsibilities should not just fall on a single person alone. You can take the help of your staff with a simple social media posts. Make sure that your guest and speakers also share your event on their social media pages.

4. Submitting to local media outlets:
It is not necessary to always give out a press release when the fundraiser is on a small scale. You can submit your event details to local event sites. This gives you the advantage to get noticed in front of a targeted audience who is actively looking for something to do.