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3 major tips to keep your vendors happy and motivated

November 30, 2018

Events are all about creating memorable experiences for attendees through innumerable activities. To conduct these, you need vendors who possess the capability to bring your plan into action. As the saying goes – One rotten fish spoils the whole pond, it’s quite evident to say that each and every vendor plays a vital role in orchestrating the flow of your event.
In the quest to conduct a successful event, you really need to be extremely vigilant about the type of vendors you are working with. While some might be self-driven and dedicated towards their work, there might be a few who would require your profound supervision and support in keeping the flow of the event on track.
We at Seventy Seven Entertainment applied these three major tricks to keep them stay happy and motivated through the entire execution process.

1. Help them play big on numbers in sales
Vendors at your events setup their stall for two major reasons: one, to increase the awareness of their products and two, to convert those leads into profitable business prospects. As an event planner, it is necessary to keep their payment process as simple as an adult reading ABC. This not only helps the vendor sell more products in less time but also adds the vendor to customers’ preferred list. Remember, your vendors run the business end of your event. Use best-in-class technological tools to boost their sales exponentially, which also helps build a decent product/vendor recall value for attendees.

2. Promote your vendors prior to the event
In the world of social media promotion, your event needs a proper communication plan to generate awareness. Speaking of awareness at events, promoting your vendors way before the event will help your attendees know exactly who and what can they expect at your event. We are in the world where influencers have taken the digital world by storm. Every vendor is equipped with social media presence and using it through social media channels to your advantage just creates that extra hype among your attendees. Moreover, it adds that trust and confidence a vendor can show in you for the current and upcoming events.

3. Strike a perfect loyalty balance between vendors and customers
Events are all about action, action and action. Your event might be the talk of the town but if the action doesn’t match to customers’ expectations, they might not turn up for it next time. Since attendees are very watchful at events, many of them take a keen interest in the vendors running your events. You surely don’t want to create a sense of uncertainty in regards to their feedback for the vendors. To avoid facing such issues, create situations where the vendors and attendees can engage in a healthy and interactive discussion. Some one-minute entertaining acts from the vendors, while the attendees wait for their turn in the queue, or even a surprise act right in the middle of nowhere will add that ‘wow’ element to your event.

While the attendees tell the aspect of how successful your event was, the vendors answer the big question. Why was your event a grand success? Following these 3 important rules will keep you in the race of executing larger-than-life events for many years, especially with your best team of vendors in the industry.