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3 steps to let your social media copy fuel your event’s communication

December 19, 2018

Social media as we all know has already established itself as the bigwig in digital advertising. From high-end brands to newly established businesses, every organization is willing to invest their time, money and manpower to generate maximum traffic, digitally. However, one factor that plays a vital role in its successful utilization is the kind of communication used to promote your event. Backing it up with strong content/copy not only helps your target audience stay informed about your latest offerings but also gain trust in your organization.

In this blog, we take you through 3 simple steps as to how your copy can enhance the communication of your event on social media.

1. Know your platform:
It’s very important to know the nature of the platform you’re working with. While content is the king, it makes no value to state the obvious. Now with that, we don’t say that the content on your platform should be minimalistic and neither should it entirely spill the beans. With the help of market analytics, keyword placing and trending situations, try to curate the copy as per the need of your platform. Where a Twitter or a Facebook gives you the liberty to express the messaging in detail, the same wouldn’t work for a platform like Instagram or YouTube.

2. Write your copy to sell:
While storytelling is a creative form of letting you explore different ways to communicate your agenda, it shouldn’t deviate from the main objective, i.e., to sell your products and services. Strike a perfect balance between engaging your customers in your communication and triggering a point where they actually go and avail your services. Develop the voice of your brand in a way that it leads to a straightforward and well-explained call to action.

3. Derive a perfect communication plan through on-point posts:
‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – need we say more? Your target audience may be interested in the information related to your event, product or services but cluttering their wall with too many text-heavy posts might just bore them. For instance, a platform like Facebook and Twitter would serve as a perfect platform to develop a community or even initiate a conversation. Let your text take the lead there. Coming to platforms like Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, follow the thumb rule of ‘less is more’. Segregating your communication effectively will ensure you tick all the boxes in reaching out to the masses profoundly.

Over the years, social media channels have witnessed a big shift in terms of reliability and trust. From posts by influencers to digital campaigns run by organizations, anything and everything you post on the platforms spreads like wildfire. Make sure you deliver on your promises with a creatively crafted copy and the ability to back it up with your actions.